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2nd generation penis extender

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The improved successor model to the Jes Extender has arrived | Buy Male Edge enhancer

The Male Edge extender is the newest extension device amongst penis extender. The stretching device was developed by Danish doctors and urologists for the purpose of permanent penis enlargement to gain in both length and girth.

He also helps banishing and also corrects penis curvatures. Its effectiveness has been extensively proven in several clinical studies. Male Edge device can, be worn during the night whilst asleep.

The ease of use and the absolute effective functioning make Male Edge a product of uniquely quality. The Male Edge lets you be in control. Because you decide how long and fast enlargement shall occur. The longer you wear the Male Edge machine, the faster and greater your long term success.

Decide for yourself how much time you want to invest and take advantage of the maximum results with Male Edge.

Male edge extender review | First rate quality at affordable prices

The Male Edge is a new and inexpensive medical penis extender. Male Edge penis traction device was designed around the penis step-by-step in order to naturally increase it both in scope and in length.

The predecessor, Jes Extender already yielded sensational male enlargement results and tremendous successes in the history of penis enlargement.

These experiences and new findings prompted the urologist to develop and patent a new even more effective penis stretcher. The result of these efforts is now available - Male Edge.

Simple application and fast permanent penis enlargement results are now possible thanks to Male Edge extender!

— Male Edge is a great penis traction device.

Male Edge routine

The application is easy and convenient. Male Edge rod extender can be applied at home or on the road during everyday work. The Male Edge can be worn under loose-fitting pants or boxer shorts without being detected. Male Edge penis enlargement device can even be worn at night. This way you can enlarge your penis even while asleep.

The success is purely dependent on the wearing time. The longer one uses the Male Edge penis traction device, the faster measurable and visible results can be registered. The penis enlargement results depend only on the total number of hours Male Edge is worn and the selected traction. With discipline and continuous wearing one can obtain a permanent increase in penis length and girth.

The Penis Extender is easily adjustable and can be adjusted from 1200g - 2300g. The applied weight bearing on the penis allows a controlled application with respect to the enlargement scope of penis length and circumference.

Male Edge video and application

How does Male Edge work?

Male Edge stimulates in the and expands them permanently in a natural way. Because cellular activity and are improved, stronger erections as a result of treatment are a positive side effect.

Male Edge helps to effectively act against penis deviation (penis curvature) and is also suitable for . For a successful application of Male Edge, no specific minimum penis length is required.

The extension device is easily adapted to the required penis size. Medical experience is not required for a proper application of Male Edge

A coherent guidebook, the online training program and an easy handling make the Male Edge applicable for everybody!

Male Edge parts

Like only few other penis extenders the Male Edge is available in three colors. All three models are of the same make in design, production and compilation. The different pricing is attributed to variable accessories and extras.

Since recently Male Edge offers the Male Edge with various optional equipment packages. This way the buyer can save a good deal of money compared to buying the device individually, since one gets a very comprehensive kit with all its conveniences for a great price!


2ND Generation penis enlarger | Safe & natural penis growth

Male Edge does it really work?

jes male extender

Yes! The body has the natural ability to change under certain mechanical conditions and to develop. The Male Edge uses the stretchability of the tissue. Male Edge imposes permanent stretching on the penis tissue!

The cells begin to divide after just a short period of time and multiply so that the tissue mass grows naturally and is enlarged as a whole. This process is similar to general muscle training.

Male Edge side effects

In the event of an erection while wearing Male Edge, the male extender adapts to the erection angle or slips down easily from the penis without risk of injury.

Male Edge increases pain-free and provenly effective!

Fine painless micro cracks are inflicted on the tissue which heal again later to form new tissue, thus leading to a continuous increase of the penis size. This permanent increase has an effect on the length and circumference of your penis. Also called "Bodybuilding for the penis", it is a totally natural process you do not even notice.

Since the tissue expansion has an effect on the size and the length of the penis, an average length increase of 28% and a volume increase of 19% are guaranteed with the help of Male Edge!

200% Money Back Guarantee in case the Male Edge doesn´t work!

Detailed studies and relevant positive experiences with Male Edge extender induce the producers to a very unusual Money Back Guarantee in the amount of twice the purchase price. For optimal and proper use, the only requirement is participation in the comprehensive online training program.

The use of the assistance provided by the manufacturer after the purchase. Unlike other penis extender manufacturers Male Edge promises not only an extension and enlargement of the penis, Male Edge guarantees you penis growth, as does no other.

With Male Edge you get the best guarantees in the market. No other manufacturer offers you such extensive guarantees for permanent penis enlargement!

— Buy Male Edge with money back risk free guarantee

Male Edge review and test report

We have ordered the Penis Extender Male Edge Pro online from the manufacturer and made the payment by credit card. A payment by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union is also possible. On our bank statement the respective entry just read as "DanaMedic" without further details as to the contents of the transaction.

Anonymity and securing customer privacy is the foremost concern of the company in the Male Edge order process.

The shipment reached us after only two days via UPS in a neutral box. What was striking was that the Male Edge, despite its low price, is of superior make and plays in the top league in terms of quality and equipment.

The delivery of the Male Edge is very extensive. We received the Male Edge penis stretcher with the following equipment:

  Male Edge Pro penis extender
  Instructions on DVD
  Ruler | measurer
  4 elastic loops
  Male Edge travel bag
  2 protective envelopes
  Adhesive bandage
  Forum access
  Online-training program


2ND Generation penis enlarger | Safe & natural penis growth