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male enhancement extenders

With medical devices, also called or penis straightener, extension of the penis can be obtained by ways of long term tissue expansion. The mode of operation of such devices is very simple and easy to understand.

If some part of the human body is stretched over a certain period of time, the body adapts itself to the continuous stretching to avoid injuries resulting, the adaption resulting in an extension of the stretched organ.

strong>At the moment there are two different systems of male extenders on the market.

— PeniMaster Pro and Phallosan forte

The majority of male enhancement extenders like and Jes-Extender consists of a basis ring, which is connected to two flexible metal sticks.

These penis extender can be worn whilst sitting, standing or walking.

What is the best male enhancement? | Belt extender or penis straightener

The advantage of such flexible male enhancement extenders, compared to rigid versions, is that you can easily wear them under your pants.

You can Phallosan forte belt extender and PeniMaster Pro belt extender also wear at night during sleep without them causing any disturbance.

Is the penis traction device applied, it exerts a constant traction ranging from 600 to 1500 grams on the penis.

The pulling power of the male extender is hereby in line with the penis causing the adjustment effect within the penis tissue. The subsequent cell division then sets in and leads to an enlargement of the penis.

Advantages of male extenders:

  Increased and accelerated cell division
  Enlargement of the penis length during erection and in normal state
  Increased penis girth during erection and in normal state
  Can easily be worn daily for several ours
  The longer the extender is worn, the bigger the enlargement effect on the penis
  No changes of the erectile and organic functions of the male member
  Effectiveness proven by clinical studies
How do male enhancement extenders work?

Medical penis devices or male extenders, as you can find on the market today, were first introduced to the market in 1995 by DanaMedic Jes-Extender under the objective of exerting a consistent stretch or traction on the penis and make him thereby permanently bigger in length and thickness.

The drag on the penis tissue causes a trench between the individual cells which triggers the body´s natural reproduction- and regeneration process.

Adjacent cells begin to divide and seal the raptures caused by the traction up again.

How to use male extender?

Given frequent use, the newly produced cells lead to a visible gain of tissue mass in this area and thus in overall penis size.

If you are interested in enlarging your penis with the help of male extenders, then you should by all means watch out for your health and make sure the product you use is safe.

Do only use male enhancement extender developed for and recommended as medical devices.

Finally it can be said that penis enlargement and penis prolongation with the help of extenders only works if the user applies them conscientiously as prescribed in the manual. Observe these basic rules and enlargement of your penis will be guaranteed without any problems.

On the following pages we will introduce you best male enhancement extenders in all detail. Before you decide on purchasing a stretcher you will learn here all about the advantages of the different penis traction device!