PeniMaster Pro review, before and after pictures and results over 12 months of use. For a detailed test, our experts ordered the best medical penile stretching system in a complete set with rod and belt expander.

This testimonial shows surprising success and amazing gains. Find out how many inches more penis is possible in this personal study.

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Review over 12 months

Our PeniMaster Pro tester recorded detailed experiences over a period of 1 year in the great penile extender review. Below, we would like to present our user's current written evaluations, as well as baseline values and workout plan.

Our testimonial (30 years old) started with a penis length of 3.93" in flaccid and 5.11" in erect state. The penis size was 1.37" and in girth our person had 4.33". The glans size at the thickest part measured 1.41" and the glans length included 1.02". 5 years ago, he underwent circumcision of the foreskin.

My name is Enrico G. and I have been suffering from a much too small penis for many years. I am an open person and have no difficulty meeting women. However, when it becomes more intimate, it costs me increasingly overcoming to let my pants down.

PeniMaster Pro Tester

Enrico G. product tester

This blockade I had by no means from the beginning. Not for the first time I had to learn through several corners that my size was often insufficient for the female world and men expressed their pity to me again and again because of that. While searching the Internet for possible solutions to my problem, I read in a forum article about the details of a planned PeniMaster Pro Test from the company Msp Concept GmbH from Germany (Berlin). The competences of this business are in the production of urological products for penis enlargement, penis lengthening and I took the opportunity to volunteer and hoped for the best results with this penile enlargement device.

Delivery and first impressions

PeniMaster Pro complete set

The delivery of the PeniMaster Pro complete set took less than two days. The letter carrier handed me the neutral package, without any information or details regarding the contents. With great curiosity I opened the box...

I immediately put in the DVD with video instructions and product information. With the help of easy-to-understand explanations and the many pictures for the user, applying the PeniMaster Pro with the pump ball including vacuum pump caused me no difficulties. The glans slid into the new glans chamber without any problems and was immediately, thanks to split adapter and fixation by means of latex membrane, inseparably connected with it.

The feeling was very pleasant, you felt a slight vacuum without pain. It had taken only a few minutes and a sensation of habit set in. I almost did not notice the applied penis extender.

I already had the impression at this point that penile traction therapy over several hours would not be an obstacle with this comfortable system.

Using rod expander

PeniMaster Pro rod expander applied in 4 steps

I took the PeniMaster Pro rod expander device out of the case. I was pleasantly surprised that the manufacturer had included such a large amount of accessories in the form of parts. There were a total of 14 extension rods in 5 different sizes included for use in the set.

I adjusted the rod extender to the length I needed and attached the glans chamber over the coupling socket. My penis was now firmly fixed and connected to the expander. Via the threaded screws at the lower end, I could comfortably adjust the traction. I finished my first session after 2.5 hours. Although I could have worn it longer thanks to the high comfort, I didn't want to overdo it with putting it on right away.

First results after treatment

It really works! I was very impressed with how huge my glans looked. It presented itself more than twice as big as before the treatment. My penis also appeared visually much longer than when I started. This amazing before and after result with PeniMaster Pro lasted for up to 4 hours.

The sex in the evening with my girlfriend felt much more intense thanks to the increased girth of my glans. The optical enlargement not only led to more sexual excitement and increased erectile capacity for me as a man. My long penis also provided my wife with an extra heated mood and led her to a violent orgasm.

There was great enthusiasm among me that the rod expander system was so easy to use and that such gains were possible after such a short time. With this basic in my mind, I decided to wear the penis extender for a few hours every day and looked forward to the upcoming PeniMaster Pro results during the review period. The excitement was high to see how many inches more growth I would achieve with it in length and girth within the next few weeks.

Review after 4 months

The first 4 months of my PeniMaster Pro review were enjoyable. I wore the extender daily for 3-4 hours in the evening. It was important to me not to overload the penile tissue and so I only used a low traction force of 460g. Thus, I gave the penis enough time to get better accustomed to the new permanent load with this clinical device.

Side effects: No ailments, bruises or other injuries occurred during the entire period of use.

My results were remarkable. I stretched my penis from 3.93" to 4.13" when flaccid and from 5.11" to 5.31" when erect within this period. The size increased from 1.37" (girth: 4.33") to 1.41" (girth: 4.44"). That penis enlargement would go so quickly with this product, I would not have thought!

PeniMaster Pro results Start 4 months
used for Ø 3,5 hrs
Penis length: flaccid | erect 3.93" | 5.11" 4.13" | 5.31"
Penis thickness: 1.37" 1.41"
Glans length: 1.02" 1.06"
Glans thickness: 1.41" 1.45"

Belt expander test after 8 months

The hip belt invisible under the pants

I decided in the test report from month 5-8 to further increase my wearing time and also increase the traction on the penis. Was I able to further enlarge my success with this technique?

I planned to apply the belt system for 3 hours in the morning. I wanted to wear it under my pants with the utmost discretion during the time I was working in the office. The rod stretcher was to be used additionally in the evening for another 2 hours at home. The duration of treatment was scheduled for about 5 hours a day.

In my opinion, the PeniMaster belt expander offers men a decisive bonus. He has the advantage that he is available in 3 different variants of wearing. I focused my evaluation on the hip belt and chose to wear it this way. According to the description, this version of the fixation was the most suitable for me in a sedentary position.

After fastening the strap with a few moves, I put on my jeans. To my great surprise, the penis belt was absolutely invisible in the perception of others. I had no restrictions in my freedom of movement. As a consequence, it did not interfere with driving, sitting or standing. After 1.5 hours of practice, I regularly changed the direction of wearing from left to right. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the tissue expands equally effectively in both directions during penis growth. Wearing the PeniMaster Pro became so routine over the course of my review that I almost forgot about it when I went to the restroom.

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In the early evening, I then put on the rod expander for another 2 hours. Here, the tension on the stretcher increased from 460 g to 690 g. On the weekend I wore only the rod device in the evening for 2 hours. The length improved during this period from 4.13" to 4.72" when flaccid and from 5.31" to 5.9" when erect. The penis size also increased from 1.41" (girth: 4.44") to 1.53" (girth: 4.84").

PeniMaster Pro results Start 4 months
used for Ø 3,5 hrs
8 months
used for Ø 5 hrs
Penis length: flaccid | erect 3.93" | 5.11" 4.13" | 5.31" 4.72" | 5.9"
Penis thickness: 1.37" 1.41" 1.53"
Glans length: 1.02" 1.06" 1.14"
Glans thickness: 1.41" 1.45" 1.49"

Complete set gains after 12 months

Strap expander review and application techniques: shoulder, hip and knee belt

My review for the 9-12 months looked like this: Weekday night wear the PeniMaster Pro belt for 8 hours. Alternatively, I put on the classic rod expander on weekends for about 3 hours a day. Furthermore, it was important for me to increase the traction on the device again from 690 g to 920 g.

My choice fell on the wearing version of the knee belt. In my experience, the advantage of this male extender using technique is that the man's penis is pulled down and held while he sleeps. In this way, lying on the back or on the side is also possible. A change of direction, as with the hip belt, is not required for this product for the duration of the entire treatment time.

After a short period of acclimatization while falling asleep, the wearing sensation quickly became a habit and was not felt to be bothersome. There were also no complaints during the morning erection. My gains after waking up were very impressive. The penis apparently looked a third longer and the glans was thick and plump.

It always gave me great pleasure to look at the penis in the mirror over and over again in the morning. Of course, the improvement of my growth successes did not remain hidden from my girlfriend's attention for long. In response, our love life now took place mainly at the beginning of the day. On weekends, I only put on the rod expander for about 3 hours a day. There were no difficulties in increasing the traction, thanks to the perfectly fitting and anatomically shaped glans chamber, even during longer periods of application. The penis quickly accustomed to the increased tissue stretching with this system.

My penis lengthened after 12 months of using PeniMaster Pro from 3.93" to 5,51" when flaccid and from 5.11" to 6.69" when erect. The size also increased from 1.37" (girth: 4.33") to 1.49" (girth: 5,19"). The glans increased permanently from the former 1.41" to 1.57" in thickness. The glans length grew from 1.02" to 1.25".

PeniMaster Pro results Start 4 months
used for Ø 3,5 hrs
8 months
used for Ø 5 hrs
12 months
used for Ø 6,5 hrs
Penis length: flaccid | erect 3.93" | 5.11" 4.13" | 5.31" 4.72" | 5.9" 5.51" | 6.69"
Penis thickness: 1.37" 1.41" 1.53" 1.65"
Glans length: 1.02" 1.06" 1.14" 1.25"
Glans thickness: 1.41" 1.45" 1.49" 1.57"

Before and after picture after 12 months

In conclusion, the PeniMaster Pro is the only tested medical system "Made in Germany" on the market that offers all three possible extender types for natural penis growth and for the . Depending on one's personal preferences or demands, one can choose between belt, rod and weighted expanders when purchasing. This gives men the maximum flexibility in their everyday life with this stretch device. Whether you want to enhance your penis at home, at work or at night while sleeping. With regular use, you can permanently lengthen and thicken your penis by several inches and achieve amazing before-and-after results. Due to the high quality of the enlarger, my positive observations and the uncomplicated longer use in practice, I rate the product with 5 out of 5 possible points.

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