Medical studies prove what indigenous people have known for thousands of years. Natural penis growth by stretching tissue works. The great online guide to penis enlargement without surgery, men get here for free and without registration.

We have been continuously testing penis exercises, penis extenders, penis pumps and male enhancement pills since 2008. Get helpful tips and short videos to easily follow for visible results.

— 53 simple exercises to increase , and strengthen the .

How to increase penis size

How to make your penis bigger
The best methods to increase penis size

Our overview of natural penis enlargement methods will introduce you to various options for increasing the penis size in both flaccid and erect states. Here you will find new and old techniques for more penis length, penis girth and .

Learn whether medical , and work and which of these male enhancement products can be expected to have realistic results in terms of growth. Discover the differences of belt expanders, rod expanders and weight expanders. Compare how , or VitallusPLUS are used in the penis extender test report and learn about the advantages of each penis stretcher. You want to know how good traction devices really are for lengthening and how many inches more you can achieve with these tools? Our specialists have tested the most advanced model from Germany for over a period of 12 months. We present you our with before and after pictures in detail.

We will tell you how penis growth succeeds with the exclusion of a dangerous intervention of surgery. Learn what results you can actually gain without injecting your own fat or hyaluronic acid.


Andreas R. Natural penis enlargement expert

Pelongi presents you traditional and modern forms of therapy in detail. The information on this page will help you to increase your penis size step by step and to maximize the hardness of your erections in a gentle way.

Penis enlargement exercises

Penis enlargement exercises with video tutorials

The 53 best with video tutorials from two camera perspectives. You want to make your penis longer and thicker or just straighten it?

Our guide to penis workouts shows you which exercises are ideal for beginners, advanced and experts, how they work and how long they are performed. All basic and advanced exercises are explained in an easy-to-understand way and can be easily realized by hand.

In this section you will find medical procedures and proven techniques for penis growth explained in detail. These include , the best known basic exercise for thickening, but also the or traditional for lengthening. You want to know with what exercises it is possible to have a big penis with a thick glans? We have additionally compiled all for you clearly on one page.

Want to intensify your workout treatment for more girth and length? Our offer a methodical, simplified structure and promise gradual increase until you reach your desired penis size.

"Custom developed length and girth workout plans for beginners and advanced with supporting video instructions."

— Effective basic and advanced male enhancement exercises for best results.

Does penis enlargement work

New and old method shows how natural penis enlargement works
New and old method shows how natural penis enlargement works

Natural ways to enlarge penis finds its origin in ancient African tribal rituals. Primitive mechanical stretching devices and ancestral jelq massage practice are still used today by native peoples in this form as a way to make their penis bigger naturally.

A penis up to 17.7 inches long and erect was already visibly remeasured without surgical operation of penile augmentation. As a result, the longest penis in the world measures a proud 18.9 inches thanks to natural penis enlargement. Sensational, here the presents his dick on Youtube.

Properly applied, workout for a larger penis prevents natural limb shrinkage. Thus, you prevent risks of complications or aesthetic disadvantages of a too small penis in old age. This process is biologically normal and affects every man on average.

The strengthening of the erectile tissue offers anti-aging for all men who want to optimize their penis health and improve their sexuality. Continuous use of the exercises described here also provides an alternative therapy against impotence, free of side effects. It effectively counteracts the general development of progressive penile shortening. (induratio penis plastica) in patients with penile deviation (curved penis) can also be treated with the help of this procedure type without the need for a risky surgical intervention on the body by a doctor of intimate surgery. Several different clinical studies on penis enlargement prove the aesthetic and medical success for better quality of life. Doctors of urology recommend the workout to increase the erectile tissue as a natural sexual enhancer to any man, at any age.

The use of all male enhancement methods presented here increase the blood flow in the penis. These stimulate the penile tissue to grow more in length and girth. Properly used, with regular practice, you will increase your sexual health and promote potency into old age.


Andreas R. Natural penis enlargement expert

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