Recent study on penile curvature gives men reason to rejoice. Clinical tests with PeniMaster Pro confirm, Peyronie's disease is successfully treatable. The new medical method for straightening penis works without side effects and promises many positive benefits for users. According to doctors, a breakthrough.

Similar results in correcting a curved penis were previously achieved only with strong drugs, dangerous surgery and intensive aftercare.

New induratio penis plastica therapy

Are you already affected?

erect penis with downward curvature

You notice an unnatural curvature or feel changes in the form of nodules in the penis? Discomfort during penetration or pain during erection are indications of a possible Peyronie's disease. The signs and severity of penile deviation progress differently in each person.

If you have a suspicion, take the precaution of seeing a urologist promptly than postponing the examination to a later date. Early therapy of induratio penis plastica helps to avert severe courses of the disease. A crooked penis restricts erection and can hinder the sexual act until it is no longer possible.

5% of men between the ages of 30 and 70 are diagnosed with nodular penile hardening.

— Straighten penis with PeniMaster Pro

Peyronie's disease treatments

Alternative and surgical treatment options relieve symptoms but do not correct the damage. Risk and benefit are unequal for many procedures. The right choice of therapy is decisive for the further course of the disease. For example, scarring can cause the penis to shrink or nerve injuries can lead to impotence in the worst case.

The following 6 options for Peyronie's disease treatments will help you make the decision that is right for you.

1. Surgery (for passive phase)

Disadvantages: The injury to nerves, ligaments and fibers causes functional damage. This often includes no desire for sex, erectile dysfunction or orgasm problems. The skin contracts due to scarring, causing the penis to shrink. Doctors advise patients with existing erectile dysfunction against surgery.

The risk of complications is 10 to 20 %!

2. Drug treatment (for active phase)

Disadvantages: Tablets against a curved penis cause drug-typical and dose-dependent side effects. The use of medications can not reverse an existing Peyronie's disease.

The risk of dying prematurely is 10%!

3. Cortisone injections

Disadvantages: Local injections with cortisone are relatively painful, weaken the tissue and additionally thin out the skin layer (tunica).

A possible operation afterwards is more difficult!

4. Radiation therapies

Disadvantages: The procedure of continuous irradiation of nodules damages the structure of cells and genetic material. Scientific evidence of success is not available, and this measure costs a lot of money.

A possible operation afterwards is more difficult!

5. ESWT - Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Disadvantages: IPP plaque removal is performed with shock waves and damages the cells. Experts suggest that this treatment technique promotes progression of further hardening in the male penis.

A possible operation afterwards is more difficult!

6. PeniMaster Pro (for active and passive phases)

Disadvantages: NONE

Option for IPP-OP: Remains!

The rate of complication is 0%.

The use of PeniMaster Pro against a crooked penis works 100% naturally, without pain or injury. All achieved results of penis correction remain in flaccid and erect state. Specialists are amazed by the medical results! The combination with other treatment methods does not interfere with their therapeutic plans at any time. The possibility of future surgery remains unrestricted.

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New method against penile curvature

PeniMaster Pro guarantees patients the best treatment for a fulfilling love life with satisfying erections. Flexible use during the day or night, while shopping, in the car or at work gives you the greatest possible freedom. Without long waiting times or appointments at the doctor's office. This system far surpasses conventional therapy methods and impresses with amazing before and after results.

New method advantages:

  1. Treats acquired and congenital penile curvatures
  2. For moderate to extreme forms of Peyronie`s disease
  3. Suitable for post-treatment for nerve-sparing and non-nerve-sparing surgeries
  4. Straightens a curved penis, without side effects (for all penile diseases)
  5. Brings permanently more penis size and increase male potency
  6. Additional treatments are not necessary (you only need PeniMaster Pro)
  7. Easy to understand PeniMaster Pro videos and instructions
  8. Shipping of the package is anonymous, when buying

Penis correction with PeniMaster Pro

PeniMaster Pro works with traction and stretching and offers new possibilities for sufferers. This method is known from the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. The correction of tooth or jaw misalignments and the lengthening of body parts work according to the same method. Leg lengthening with a magnet-driven intramedullary nail in Orthopedics also impressively illustrates this practice.

Ancient indigenous peoples have known for thousands of years that stretching the skin and pulling the bones creates new tissue. This principle can also be used to correct the problem with a bent penis. A good example of this principle is the Padaung women with the giraffe neck from the hill tribe of Myanmar. The Ethiopian Mursi people also enlarge the lips and earlobes according to their cultural tradition. Find out here in the how many inches more penis size our product tester could achieve with the help of this penis extender.

The usage of PeniMaster Pro for penis correction works according to the same scheme. Studies confirm that the formation of newly formed body cells works by natural pulling and stretching forces in the desired direction.

What kind of crooked penis is treatable?

The treatment with PeniMaster Pro helps men with congenital or acquired penile curvatures in aesthetic corrections, in genetic abnormalities and in sexual impairments (with or without disease). The penis extender is also effective for extreme shapes, such as a kink in the penis or a twisted penis.

Helps with the following diagnoses:

  1. Penis is bent upwards - down, right and left, 30 degrees curvature
  2. Stiff crooked penis, flaccid crooked penis
  3. Nodules in the corpus cavernosum or several nodular hardenings in the penis
  4. Penis becomes crooked or sudden kink in the penis
  5. Severe penile deformity in length and girth
  6. Extreme deviation, such as corkscrew twist or hourglass-shaped penis constriction
  7. Works to straighten penis for operated and non-operated individuals
  8. Also for IPP without curvature
  9. Erectile dysfunction (also due to disease)
  10. SPain during erections, problems during sexual intercourse

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How do specialists rate PeniMaster Pro?

According to scientific studies, when using PeniMaster Pro, the cellular tissue remains free from damage and the skin does not become thinner. Tests confirm good effectiveness in alternative treatment in active (inflammatory) and stable (chronic | fibrotic) phase of Peyronie's syndrome.

IPP improvement with PeniMaster Pro:

  1. Reduces the degree of curvature (deviation angle)
  2. Actively counteracts IPP disease progression, reverses the effect
  3. Increases erection hardness, helps with ejaculatio praecox (premature ejaculation)
  4. Increases libido and improves sexual performance

Specialists in andrology see great potential. In the "News" section, the clinic of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Porst and team has published the following test results. The doctor speaks from his own experience and many years of practice. In his consultations he also recommends this new therapy to patients with an already retracting penis. Here the whole report about .

PeniMaster Pro helps against penis shortening

Shortening of the male sex organ is also known as retracting or shrinking penis. After surgical procedures such as IPP, prostate removal or prostatectomy, shortening is usually due to scarring. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease or high blood pressure also significantly increase the symptoms of penile shortening. Regular erections and frequent sexual intercourse help prevent a shrinking penis. Exercise your member to prevent progressive retraction (increasing penile shrinkage).

Muscle tissue that is not used regresses after a certain time. Few erections or infrequent penetrations make the penis smaller.

— PeniMaster Pro activates cell growth and counteracts penis shortening.

Can a penis become smaller? Yes, negative lifestyle habits such as alcohol, cigarettes or an excessively large abdominal girth are detrimental to a man's health and accelerate the process of penis shortening. Fat deposits on the abdomen, which press on the penile suspensory ligament, cause the penis to retract up to 3,2 inches into the body. The more belly, the more visible shortening. This medical extender successfully helps against penis shortening for any man, at any age!

The PeniMaster Pro expander system works without medical assistance, requires no prior knowledge and is also suitable for very short or thin penises.

Aftercare of penile surgery

A few weeks after IPP, prostate or penile curvature surgery is enough, then your penis should be exercised again. The sooner you start follow-up treatment, the better the final result will be. This is what the medical director of urology at the Competence Center for Rehabilitation (UKR) in Bad Wildungen says.

The greatest danger is the lack of oxygen. This softens the tissue and promotes scarring. Unstable tissue causes erectile dysfunction and makes a stiff penis difficult to impossible. Without rehabilitation, you accelerate the process of penile shortening.

Proper aftercare is crucial for the quality of erection. Medical professionals' recommendation to men: "Stimulate your penis as often as possible."

— PeniMaster Pro strengthens their manhood.

Advantages of aftercare

Do you want to increase your sexual desire faster after penile curvature surgery or prostatectomy (prostate removal)? he effectiveness of PeniMaster Pro for post-op care was proven in a clinical study at two Russian clinics with 60 men. The penis extender can be used to restore sexual function, increase erectile function and improve libido.

Gentle traction and continuous stretching activates the erectile tissue. This promotes continence and helps to make the penis stiff faster. With PeniMaster Pro you counteract surgery-related side effects and shorten the time of recovery. Many doctors recommend postoperative care of the penis for the following reasons:

The risk factor of developing erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery is 80%.

— Exercising the erectile tissue counteracts potency problems.

PeniMaster Pro is recommended to enlarge the erectile tissue and improve arterial blood supply after prostate resection (radical prostate surgery, prostate cancer treatment) or surgery to correct Peyronie's disease. Many surgeries, such as successfully use this procedure for patients after surgical procedures. Reduction of the penis size due to scarring is thus prevented. Also affected men with paraplegia use this method against premature retraction of the penis (penile shrinkage).

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