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JELQ Device is a forcipate jelqing tool that looks like a pair of pliers. It is padded with foam rolls and is pulled over the penis. The working method is the same as applied in the ; enhancing the capacity of the 3 .

Jelq Machine has been designed as auxiliary tool which increases the effectiveness of the Jelqing exercise considerably and helps to accelerate the penis enlargement.

JELQ Device vs hand: Instead of carrying out the correct jelq technique with your hands, you use a jelqing machine that enables you to train much more precise thus obtaining faster male enhancement results.

Discover the many advantages of this particular penis exercise device and optimize your jelqing workout for maximum penis size.


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Dream team: Increase in size with a jelqing device; kegels for men for more strength!

The jelq tool employs the best technology to enlarge your penis effectively and guarantees a completely painless application.

The foam rolls are made of special Dura-cylinders, which have been designed for the purpose of ensuring the exertion of an even and constant pressure covering the entire penis surface.

By doing so the penis growth gets the optimal stimulus. JELQ Device or hands: In contrast to hand exercise the are not prone to overstrain. The JELQ roller therefor provides maximum comfort and safety.

JELQ Device reviews | Advantages in comparison to hand jelqing exercises:

  • Easy jelqing without tired arms and hands
  • Correct, regular and consistent intensity
  • Quicker and faster results through higher trainings efficiency
  • Correct male enhancement technique for higher efficiency
  • Comfortable easy handling
  • Guarantees length and girth enlargement of your penis
  • Impressive instant male enhancement effect

Why you should using Jelq Machine for your penis workout!

The device for jelqing is the best trainings help for jelqing exercise!

The permanent, very intensive and constant pressure exerted on the penis is essential for more and better penis enlargement results.

Jelqing hand exercises need a lot of practice and it is almost impossible to build up pressure evenly without the risk of injury to the cavernous bodies! We will in the following conduct a direct comparison of jelqing with and without JELQ Device tool:

  Jelqing exercise without JELQ Device Jelq exercise with JELQ Device
Injury risks very high none
Penis growth slow twice as fast
Training effectiveness only superficial up to 30% more effective
Handling perceptibly uneven very easy and highly efficient

Be aware of the risks posed by hand jelqing workout! JELQ Device workout is absolutely safe and promises more penis length without the risk of injury!


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How does a JELQ Device work? | The jelqing tool application is absolutely safe, easy and achieves quick results!

In contrast to the Jelqing by hand, the penis is here not massaged by the hand. Instead the penis is put between special Dura-foam-cylinders which then start to exercise light pressure on the entire penis surface starting at the penis root working its way up via the penis shaft to the glans.

This procedure is then repeated several times always starting at the penis root. Applying some oil or Vaseline can help with a better slide. Alternate the jelqing exercise with the likewise effective to increase the strength of your penis by training the PC muscle!

The JELQ Device tool exerts an even and very intensive pull on the cell tissue of the penis, thereby improving the blood circulation in the cells leading to an extension of the cavernous bodies thus stimulating cell growth.

— JELQ Device increase penis length and girth naturally

Hand jelqing is laborious, the JELQ Device tool on the contrary is very convenient and effortless!

This very effective penis stretching device is an ideal tool for taking the load of hand and arms during jelqing. It offers you results unobtainable by means of hand exercises. After just 50 repetitions the manual jelqing exercises with hands becomes hard as the power in the arms dwindles and continued intensity and pressure levels on the cell tissue cannot be sustained any longer.

jelqing device
jelq device tool
jelq machine

The JELQ Device routine provides you with the perfect shape for every penis size. The jelqing device tool is easy and comfortable in its handling and safes a lot of energy compared to hand jelqing. The soft Dura-cylinders ensure high comfort for the penis during the application which is absolutely pain-free. The ergonomic handles make it possible to put the trainings focus on specific areas of the penis.

JELQ Device girth gains: For optimal male enlargement results the JELQ Device workout should be applied for about 20 minutes every day two times a week. It is not advisable to exercise for more than 30 minutes as the cell tissue needs regeneration time in order for the cells to grow.

JELQ Device testimonials and report

We have ordered the JELQ Device online from the manufacturer and paid with credit card. Payment via Paypal and Bitcoin via BitPay is also possible. Immediately upon payment we received a payment conformation via e-mail.

The Jelq Machine was then delivered properly after 10 days in a neutral box. Here too our anonymity was protected. The credit card statement also gave nothing away as to what we had ordered .

Our test person tested the JELQ Device for 6 months. He was thrilled with the actual application. He used for jelqing exercise two times a week on Mondays and Thursdays for 20 minutes each time.

It was striking to see that the penis appearing much thicker and longer even hours after the jelq workout. The instant penis enlargement effect is definitely unique! With the JELQ Device one is surely well prepared for the next date!

Our test person also reported that in contrast to hand jelq exercises it did not happen anymore that he would build up to much pressure and thereby causing damage to the skin tissue of the penis. The strain on the hands and arms was also significantly less burdensome.

JELQ Device gains: After a 6 month application period our test person had achieved a length increase of the penis of 3,3 cm (1.3 inches) as well as an increase in diameter of 1,3 cm (0.5 inches). conclusions on the JELQ Device

The JELQ Device is the perfect tool to optimize the jelqing exercise and at the same time to unburden your hands and arms.

Thanks to the special design Dura-cylinders the optimal pressure is exerted on the penis at any given time ensuring results unobtainable through hand jelq-exercises, especially when it comes to thickness training.

The instant optical penis enlargement after the male enlargement workout with JELQ Device is astonishing and definitely recommended before going to the sauna, or planning on sexual contact or wherever you just want to show what you´ve got!

All those, who put special emphasis on an effective jelq workout with maximum results, will soon appreciate the advantages of this jelqing machine.


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