Jelqing is the most well-known basic exercise for penis enlargement. Here you get all the techniques in a guide with video tutorials including workout programs for beginners, advanced and experts.

Each video shows step by step the correct way of doing the exercise from two different camera perspectives. This makes it easier to copy the movement sequences and thus ensures healthy results.

The gentle massage for best male enhancement.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing works according to an ancient Arabic method for increasing men's genital, which goes back to traditional customs in that culture. The definition of the name "Jelqing" is derived from the Persian jalq zadan ( جلق زدن ). "Jalq" means "to masturbate," followed by "zadan," which translates to "to beat or throb." Up to the present time, the legend is told according to which fathers passed their knowledge from generation to generation and taught their sons the exercise. In essence, it was eventually used to impress women during sex on the wedding night with a large penis as a sign of strong masculinity. For this, a clear proof can be found in a text from the Bible, by talking about the enormous size of the Arabs:

“Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.”

The book of Ezekiel, chapter 23
Does jelqing really work?

The Jelq technique is the most popular exercise for newbies to penis extension and widening. Consequently, almost all men begin using this method. In short, Warm-up, massage, stretching and final cool-down form a unit in the practical workout.

The milking movement with the hand is a gentle way to train the erectile tissue. The more persistent you massage the shaft, the faster results will be visible and a bigger penis will be possible.

At this point, please also note our tips on: Here you will find out how to track your progress in length and girth successfully.

And this is how simply the exercise works: While moving forward with the hand, blood is pressed into the 3 chambers of the member. Subsequently, the internal pressure of the erectile tissue (tunica) increases and the average size increases step by step. During this procedure, small painless micro-tears appear in the tissue. In the resting phase, these spaces fill with new cells and the erectile tissue enlarges. That is why jelqing workout is also called bodybuilding for male genitalia.

One more note: Intimate shaving is helpful because it prevents annoying, longer hairs from interfering with the exercise process of massaging the penis. However, it is not absolutely necessary that the pubic hair must be removed in its entirety. It is quite sufficient if you trim the hair to a reasonable length with a standard short hair trimmer.

The Dry Jelq for a big penis is one of the primary penis enlargement exercises. Jelqing is mostly considered a girth exercise, but some have reported substantial length gains from it.

Dry Jelq is a variant of Wet Jelqing, which is mainly characterized by the lack of use of a lubricant during the exercise.

Dry jelqing is used much less frequently than the classic wet way. There are always divided assessments about the differences in the effectiveness of the two methods. Some users speak of a more pronounced increase in penile girth with dry jelqing. At the same time, however, there is a suspicion that this effect is not necessarily due to a greater expansion of the erectile tissue, but rather to the greater friction and irritation of the skin.

In any case, it should be remembered that dry exercise puts significantly more stress on the skin. Therefore, care must be taken that the stroking movement with the hand is performed as slowly as possible. The risk of injury (in the form of overuse of the shaft skin or glans) is much greater when working out dry. You should first gain extensive practical experience with classic jelqing (with lubricant) before trying it dry.

You can find the complete step by step tutorial and more information about this exercise on our workout page:

The Wet Jelq for more penis size is one of the primary penis enlargement exercises. Jelqing is mostly considered a girth exercise, but some have reported substantial length gains from it.

You can find the complete step by step tutorial and more information about this exercise on our workout page:

Which lubricant is most suitable?

Besides exercising in a dry state, there is still the possibility of using a lubricant. In view of the fact, this variant is also called Wet Jelq. Especially for uncircumcised men, the wet version works much better.

A wide variety of products can be used for Wet Jelqing to ensure that the exercise is as pleasant as possible. On the one hand, any nourishing oil (e.g. baby oil or massage oil) that does not contain skin-irritating ingredients can be used. The probability that these additives can damage the mucous membrane of the glans is very high, so their use should be avoided. On the other hand, just about all edible oils (e.g. sunflower oil or olive oil) can be used without any problems.

In addition, skin care creams and lotions can be used (for example, classic body lotion or hand creams). There are even products on the market that are specially designed for use on the penis. Healing ointments (e.g. Bepanthen or zinc ointment) can also be used. With these ointments, be sure not to buy a heat, pain or muscle ointment (such as Finalgon or Voltaren) before use. Excessive heat development leads to overstimulation of the glans mucosa and the skin on the shaft and can cause severe pain or even cold feeling of numbness. Neither of these is beneficial for penis exercising.

In this context, care should also be taken when applying zinc ointment, because it has a drying effect and can possibly attack the mucous membranes of the glans as well. Basically, all the examples listed here have their advantages and disadvantages. Oils, for example, remain glideable over a very long period of time, but can only be washed off again by carefully cleaning the hands and the intimate zone with soap. Creams, lotions and ointments, on the other hand, are quickly absorbed and therefore have to be reapplied from time to time during a session. However, they do not need to be cleaned afterwards and also care for the skin of the penis. On the subject of ointments, however, it should be noted that often the consistency can be problematic. For example, zinc ointment is very thick and therefore has only a comparatively low lubricity.

In general, the use of common body care creams or lotions is usually the best choice. The significantly less effort involved in cleaning after each workout and the skin-caring characteristics offer significant plus points when jelqing. When in doubt, simply try out for yourself which lubricant works best for you.

In summary, our recommendation for you:

Suitable lubricants

Creams and lotions
Provides moisture, nourishes the skin and makes it supple
Baby oil or massage oil
Remain slippery over a very long period of time
Lubricants with warming effect
Encourages the natural blood circulation and improves the results
Water-based lube or ultrasound gel
A more fluid consistency is advantageous when doing the exercises

Unsuitable lubricants

Soap or products containing soap
Additives can cause irritation or rash to the skin
Products containing glycerin and silicone
These quickly become sticky and thus lose their lubricating properties
Particular ointments
Do not apply heat, pain or muscle ointment or ointments with drying effect

Adjust the strength of the erection

The pressure in the tissue should be felt in the OK grip. Corresponding characteristics of too weak erection during jelqing: If you feel the blood flowing back through the OK grip. Undoubtedly an indication of too strong erection: When you have great difficulty in pushing the blood forward.

How can you maintain the right erection strength?
Firstly, excite your penis until it is 100% erect. Secondly, just let the erection subside to the desired level, this makes it easier. An effective way to achieve a hard erection is to pump extra blood into the penis. In this case, the simultaneous tensing of the pelvic floor muscles is very helpful. Here you will get the instructions on how to properly perform the .

Low, Mid and High EQ-Jelqing

Jelqing may seem simple, but it can be difficult to find the right technique. Beginners in particular often have problems choosing an appropriate training intensity. In many cases, people then often resort to far too high loads. However, in order to find a suitable level, it is important to be aware of the different ways to adjust the strength of the massage .It is crucial to find the right balance for yourself to ensure that the exercises are performed both safely, and effectively.

Low, Mid or High? The three values refer to stiffness; in other words, how strongly erect the penis is. Whereas the abbreviation EQ stands for the erection quality in jelqing. In fact, both Low Jelqs (light) and Mid Jelqs (medium) promotes better penile perfusion in a horizontal direction. To that extent, these are crucial to the thickening. In contrast, High Jelqs (strong) activate the vertical blood flow. They are important to lengthen the penis.

  1. Low-EQ: Low erection, under 60%
  2. Mid-EQ: Medium erection, 60-80%
  3. High-EQ: Highly erection, over 80%

The High method requires a very firm OK grip. For this reason, take your time. Accordingly, one repetition of the Jelq massage should take about 5 seconds. In the Low variant, the load in the erectile tissue is rather low and the risk of injury is comparatively minimal. The pressure in the OK grip is loose and the time duration of the forward movement is no longer than 1 second. In comparison, the Mid Jelqs are temporally in between.

Make sure you maintain a 60-80% erection throughout the entire procedure. If you notice that your erection is dropping too much, briefly rub the glans with your hand until the optimal state is reached again.

Exercises for advanced

Jelqing workout plan

Do you already have routine with Jelqing? Then slowly increase your schedule to 15-20 minutes. In the following we will show you which methods can be combined excellently.

Jelqing and Stretching

is, like Jelqing, a basic exercise for more penis size. The added exercise causes a lengthening through the penile suspensory ligament (PSL). The exerted traction lengthens the penis visually, by several inches. Bottom line, bringing the two exercises together is a terrific boost to your advanced PE workout.

Within the framework of a workout program, in case of doubt, one should always perform the Stretching first and then follow it with the Jelqing. This ensures that the increased blood flow to the corpora cavernosa through jelqing, does not block or reduce the action of the elongation stimulus. (the lengthening of the tunica). In addition, the subsequent jelqing promotes the blood flow to the penis, which was reduced during the extension process. Therefore, if possible, not too much time should pass between Stretching and Jelqing - also in order not to unnecessarily shorten the regeneration phases between the exercise sessions.

Workout plan for advanced users:

  1. Warm up
  2. 5-15 minutes Stretching
  3. 5-15 minutes Jelqing

Jelq and Uli Squeeze

A great add-on exercise is the . With it, a particularly thick and large penis is possible, since the pump is much higher than with Classic Jelq. However, this program to increase girth requires good previous knowledge. Further, it is easy to combine and extremely intensive. Please make sure that you perform all the exercises described in this guide very carefully. This will avoid pressure points or bruises.

Jelq and Penis Clamping Video

Video Jelqing and Penis Clamping combined

is another complementary exercise. The focus is on increasing the thickness. At first, clamp or bind the penis exclusively for a few sessions so that the tissue can get used to the load. For this purpose, squeeze the penis at the beginning and start jelqing only when the erection slightly decreases. Approach with caution, the internal pressure in the corpora cavernosa is at the maximum here.

Jelq exercise against penile curvature

Can Jelqing Fix A Bent Penis?

The lateral and Vertical Jelq technique (V Jelq) are very suitable to effectively counteract an existing bend of the shaft. In short, both methods help by a targeted massage against the penile curvature.If your crooked penis bends to the left, jelq specifically with the left hand only. If instead it is bent to the right, take the right hand in contrast.

A curved penis is straightened with regular use of this practice. Another key point is that possible problems during sex due to penile deviation can be solved in this way in the long term. Indeed, many guys report good results with this procedure. Try it out!

Expert Tip

Do you suffer from an acquired or congenital crooked penis (IPP - Induratio penis plastica)? Does your male organ tilt up, down, right or left? Do you have difficulty or pain during sexual intercourse?

Additional exercise for straightening

This jelqing technique is an excellent exercise for straightening. Regardless, consistent pressure and lasting routine are very important for real success with this form of treatment and also require some practice.

Less work, more profit!

Gently straighten the penis, without surgery and without . Suitable for beginners and experts! The of correct a bent erection in any direction without side effects. Without doubt, it can be said that the gentle therapy helps with any degree of severity of curved penis and no additional medical support is needed.

The Side Jelq for a large penis is a jelq variation where the stroke alternately curves to the sides. This penis enlargement exercise can be used to straighten a curve, by only stroking in the opposite direction of the curve.

You can find the complete step by step tutorial and more information about this exercise on our workout page:

The Vertical Jelq (V Jelq) for penis growth is a Wet Jelq variation where the stroke curves down. This penis enlargement exercise can be used to straighten an upward curve.

You can find the complete step by step tutorial and more information about this exercise on our workout page:

Tips and Tricks

A pause for 5-10 seconds between each repetition cycles normalizes the natural penile perfusion and reduces a little internal pressure in the glans. In like manner, one also gives the skin additional time to relax.

Is your erection losing hardness?
Do the to get more blood to the penis. Squeeze your hand slightly in the OK grip. Can Jelqing and Pumping be combined? Yes, you can make the progress of their successes even bigger by additionally applying a vacuum pump. By the way, a highly recommended equipment are the penis pumps from or the . On this page you will find more information and benefits about .

Jelqing with foreskin

Jelqing with foreskin

As shown above, uncircumcised men actually have a small problem: the foreskin. Here is a little advice: Hold the skin directly at the base of the penis when Jelqing. After that, perform the milking movement with the other hand. This prevents unnecessary stretching of the foreskin, as it does not move itself forward over the glans.

  1. With changing hands or with only one hand (greater effort)
  2. Fingers can slip over the foreskin while moving over the glans

A slight growth of the foreskin cannot be excluded during Jelq practice.

Donut Effect

Does your foreskin swell slightly at the glans when you do the Jelqing exercise? If you work out too long or too much, you may experience a donut effect (water retention). Under these circumstances, this is a small disadvantage for uncircumcised users. Nevertheless, don't worry, this is normal. The skin will completely regress after some time. In opposition, circumcised men enjoy the advantage that they are not affected by this in the process of penis growth.

Side Effects

You feel pain or notice unwanted side effects? Stop immediately. At this point, you should take a break for a few days until the problems have completely disappeared. Thereafter, simply start again at a lower intensity.
Jelqing at full erection is dangerous and recommended only for experienced users. The force acting on the erectile tissue is considerable, and the risk of injury is high. By and large, overuse of the penis can be recognized by the typical signs, such as red dots or small burst veins under the skin.

If you do not have any experience with manual penis workouts, do not perform the described exercises under any circumstances with a full erection. The pressure in the erectile tissue is too high and can, in the worst case, lead to permanent damage to the male sexual organ.

POWER J GYM for better Jelqing results

Jelqing device

Ideal for amateurs and professionals! One of the best tools for better results offers the .

The professional power jelq device works with a constant distribution of pressure and traction. All in all, jelqs can be built up more easily and the wrist and fingers are noticeably relieved.

In the same way, the use of a Jelqing machine increases the efficiency of the massage to the maximum level, pumps more blood into the penis and brings visibly greater success in the enlargement. Compare for yourself.

Risks none extremely large
Results twice as fast slowly
Jelq massage up to 30% more effective merely superficial
Jelq technique very efficient working method markedly uneven

Jelqing success

Doctors officially certify: "Those who use the exercise correctly on a regular basis for at least 6 months can expect up to 0.8 inch more visible length!" In addition, many positive features speak for the fact that it works. Urologists recommend this practice to improve blood flow to the penis, increase libido and increase sexual stamina. Simultaneously, Jelqing successfully counteracts age-related and progressive impotence (erectile dysfunction) in men. Do you want your gains to last? Scientific studies and medical research confirm, already 1 time a week is enough for more penis size.

In conclusion, with the use of Jelqing, you can achieve impressive before-and-after results after just a few weeks. Not only can you make your penis look bigger, it also gains actually lasting strength and endurance. Discover how these techniques has a positive effect on your sex life and men's health. Analogous to this, you can find online on our page an overview of additional plans for both beginners and experts, including video tutorials for length, girth and pelvic floor muscles.
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