Penis enlargement techniques work and have always been practiced!

male enhancement possible

For centuries penis enlargement has been practiced by Native Indians, the in India, the in Africa, the former in Japan, the in Northern Uganda, and in many other central african tribes.

With the ancient methods enormous enlargements gains of the penis where achieved, in some cases up to astounding 45cm.

The best known but also the most dangerous male enhancement method was practiced with a string tied to the penis with stone weights attached to its ends.

The penis tissue was thereby stretched by the power of the down pulling stones. However it needs to be said that this penis enlargement method is holding quite risky in respect to tissue damage.

Is penis enlargement possible? Does male enhancement work?

is penis enlargement possible

Yes it is! The penis enlargement has its foundation in the knowledge of cell- and tissue creation as well as medical, such as the extension of earlobes and lips.

This is the case in skin grafts, where cell growth is stimulated by artificial expansion applied to the grafts. Also, stretching-devices help with aligning limbs following accidents.

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Male enhancement work! | Expansion capability

Our body is equipped with an astonishing mechanism which allows it to reproduce cells to compensate for wear and tear phenomenons and to prevent injuries to a certain degree.

Is a certain body part exposed to constant stretching, the cells in this region start to divide and multiply, a process in which the tissue mass increases.

How does penis enlargement work? | In two different ways
One third of the male penis is located within the body. The suspensory ligament (ligamentum suspensorium) combines the two corpus cavernosum of the penis with the pubis.

The makes real penis enlargement possible either by ways of method 1: the suspensory ligament or/and method 2: the of the penis. Each penis enlargement method comes with specific and penis enlargement techniques. Both penis enlargement methods allow for a permanent enhancement enlargement. In the following you find a more detailed description of both penis enlargement methods:

1. Penis enhancement method | the suspensory ligament

penis enhancement method

The penis is much longer than it appears from the outside due to the fact that a part of the penis is hidden inside the body. This part leads to and is attached to a suspensory ligament.

This suspensory ligament is the main starting point for surgical penis enlargement, a process in which the ligament is severed, a piece of it gets is pulled out before it is reattached to the penis. This method is not a "real" penis enlargement.

During the procedure, a part of the inner penis gets merely pulled to the outside of the body. Penis exercises as well as also allow of a permanent exercised drag of the penis. An increased pressure on the suspensory ligament increases the tension of the penis cross section.

The various zones of the penis become activated and the inner part of the penis gets pulled to the outside. The result: an optical, permanent extension of the penis.

2. Penis enhancement method | The corpus cavernosum

penis enlargement work

The corpus cavernosum (corpora cavernosa) in the penis fill up with blood during excitement, they are responsible for the sexual potency.

The fabric of the corpus cavernosum changes with age, above all, the quality of blood vessels deteriorates.

The pressure in the corpus cavernosum is increased by the application of penis enlargement methods penis pills, penis extenders, penis exercises in a natural way.

This leads to tissue expansion in the penis surpassing its regular erection shape.

Is this condition caused on several occasions, it causes step by step stretch of the corpus cavernosum. As a result, the penis becomes permanently enlarged.

Penis enhancement works similar to muscle training
does penis enlargement work

Extension of the corpus cavernosum makes real penis enlargement possible. Penis enlargement works in a similar fashion as normal muscle training.

The training causes fine painless microscopic cracks in the tissue, which heal quickly.

At the same time new tissue is formed which and lead to continuous muscle build-up, in our case enlargement of the penis. The volume of the corpus cavernosum is increased and more space for the blood flow is supplied.

In addition the angle of erection gets positively increased.

This procedure is also called body building for the penis or anti aging therapy. It is a completely natural and very subtle process.