At least once in his life, every man asks himself, "Is my penis too small?" We compared the average penis length worldwide. This guide with facts brings the truth to light.

Are there differences in penis size? Do blacks really have the world's biggest penis? Here you get the big comparison from A-Z in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

— How big should my penis be?

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera

längste Penis

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera (54) lives under the Mexican sun and currently holds the unofficial world record for the biggest penis ever. Its weight is almost almost 1 kilo. His father already reported that his penis grew particularly strongly at the age of 9. At 16 he is 20 cm long, at 20 years already 30 cm and at 25 years almost half a meter. His doctor confirms, his male organ measures an incredible 48 centimeters and goes to the knee. He calls the case of Cabreras "unique and unusual".

Roberto is fighting for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. His case has already been reviewed and declared unrecognized. Reason: The inclusion of such sex part records are not provided for in the Guinness Book.

His dream seems to be shattered and he is desperate. Meanwhile he has little money and lives on social welfare, because working in a job with the size of his manhood is actually impossible. He is famous, but he still does not have a wife or even sex. His large penis is both a curse and a blessing. He still does not want to undergo an operation to reduce the size out of fear.

Is the result of his growth of natural origin or was it helped? Roberto unabashedly presents himself from the front, from the side, sitting and lying down. This fascinates thousands of viewers in the media and causes quite a stir, especially among women on social networks. The following video is online at YouTube and leaves no questions regarding his life unanswered. See for yourself!

YouTube Video Mexican shows his 18,89 inches long penis

Average penis length worldwide

Researchers determine that an erect penis varies enormously in size around the globe. The following image of the world map shows where the men with the longest male sexual organ live. The African average length is at the first place on the list of TOP 10 records. The last place: "Smallest penis in the world" goes to the Asian region. Compare for yourself!

World map of biggest penis size

Comparison in Africa

Average black penis size chart African with the biggest penis in the world

The African man in Congo holds the record to this day and is the lucky winner of this ranking. The longest average size of the huge penis measures an incredible 17.33 centimeters in length and 3.14 cm in girth. Ghanaians follow closely behind Congolese men. Their boner is about 17.31 centimeters long. This puts them in position 2 as the largest penis in the world.

How can a long organ of copulation in higher vertebrates be explained biologically?

— That is why a black phallus is bigger than a white one.

The explanation for this peculiarity is provided by Allen's Rule (Proportion Rule) by Joel Asaph Allen 1838-1921.

This states that in mammals the relative length of body appendages such as tails, noses, arms, legs, etc. are shorter in cold climates than in conspecifics in warmer regions.

Longer dimensions of the extremities means more surface area of the body. When living in colder zones, a smaller girth is beneficial to health. Parts of the body are thus better protected from freezing due to the removal of the outer skin. In warm places, conspicuously large extremities can be observed. These serve presumably for the purpose of the body cooling. In your case, the warm climate leaves much to be desired? Here we present you .

Comparison in Asia

Biggest penis in Asia with length and girth WHO study penis size

The (WHO) looked deeper into this question and found an answer. The data for this, provided the and sold condoms in Thailand.

Based on the condom sizes, they drew conclusions about the average Asian penis size and thickness of the male sexual organ.

The record for the smallest todger in the world goes to the Koreans. The result of the study showed length measurements of only 9.66 cm.

— Asians are the losers in the international comparison.

The Indians bring it to 2nd place with a length of 10.24 cm. The Chinese occupy the 3rd place internationally. Their average penis size is 10.89 centimeters.

Average length in Europe

Penis sizes study

A German study on penis length by the Institute for Condom Advice in Singen took a close look at the male genitalia of 10,477 people from a total of 25 EU countries.

Place 1, as the longest penis in the European Union goes to the French men according to this information! The Frenchman retrieves a stately length of 15.48 cm and a girth of 13.63 cm. Thus, they are ahead of the German men a scant centimeter.

The average size in Germany is 14.61 cm long and 11.80 cm in girth, putting it in the lower middle range.

Greek men have to be satisfied with 2 centimeters less. The Greeks have a length of 12.18 cm and a girth of 10.19 centimeters.

average penis size european

Long Dong Silver | Pornstar with giant penis

Long Dong Silver

To this day, the rumor that the Englishman has the largest human penis in the world with an incredible 45 cm remains ironclad.

In the mid-80s he presented himself in British porn films and successfully stole the show from other men. His photographer Jay Myrdal finally reveals his well-kept secret. All simply fake and not real.

The fact is that camera tricks, cross-fading and other ways to help, such as a piece of foam latex cover put over the end made the illusion of the giant penis perfect.

True and authentic, on the other hand, the dimensions of this limb. A male penis with 34.3 cm length and 15.9 cm girth was measured and confirmed by the American Dr. Robert L. Dickenson.

Which animal has the largest sexual organ?

A 30 meter long whale is equipped with an extremely gigantic sexual organ. It measures a proud 3 meters long and is 30 centimeters in girth. Would you have known that? The largest penis, compared to the size of the body, belongs to a mammal. The armadillo reaches about half its own body length when erect. The biggest penis belongs to the barnacle. The small sea crab has a phallus that is a full 42 times larger than itself. Among all the animals that live on this planet, the barnacle ranks first for the longest penises.

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