The 6 basic rules for penis enlargement apply to all , as well as to all . The following safety instructions will help you to minimize risks and to gain a safe routine in penis workout.

If possible arrange for three penis workouts of max. 30 - 60 minutes. You want to avoid overtraining to grant your body at least 48-hour of regeneration time between sessions. Avoid over ambition and agitation!

At the occurrence of pain, rapture of smaller blood vessels, nervous inflammations or skin irritation, interrupt the penis workout immediately. Do not resume the male enhancement exercise before the injuries are healed completely. Before you resume penis exercise, read the manual again to avoid further injury! The same goes for a swollen foreskin.

Do not force any results and do not expect to much results in too little time! Safe penis exercises for several months - at least for three month and keep strictly to the trainings instructions. Always begin with a even if you do not want to work through the whole penis program.

Starting to male enhancement exercises without warm up can lead to pain and strain of the tissue. It is always recommended to use a lubricant for your safe penis exercises. Creams, hair gel, shampoo or water are unsuitable for the purpose of penis enlargement exercise.

Penis enlargement side effects! Do not carry out the with a fully erect penis. Only ever work with a partial erection. Otherwise there is a risk of severe damage to the penis tissue!

Penis enhancement risks! Do under no circumstances use a string, a ring etc. on the penis root to cut off the blood flow completely. This might indeed make it easier to hold a partial erection, it might however, as every other medically prescribed tying - also cause irreparable vascular damage.