The PeniMaster Pro is available as rod expander system, belt expander system or as complete penis extender set.

Both penis enlargement systems are based on the latest patented 3-forces-vacuum-technology, which is unprecedented amongst existing penis extender.

PeniMaster Pro head attachment is a sensational technology based on three important physical holding forces: form fitting, and adjustable under pressure.

— Penis enlargement without surgery or drugs

This method is an absolute breakthrough in the history of penis stretching devices because previous noose fixations could not ensure the maximum amount of traction and penis enlargement.

The penis also used to slip from the holder frequently, caused unpleasant injuries or unsightly pressure marks. With the PeniMaster Pro, these problems have finally been eliminated.

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PeniMaster Pro reviews | Penis expansion via PeniMaster Pro tension

PeniMaster Pro uses a combination of form fitting, adhesion and dosable under pressure to fixate the glans. This allows not only for maximum holding power, but also for gentle stretching of the penis.

This innovative vacuum technology allows a firm fixation merely on the penis glans, without bruising, deformity or causing other pain.

Experience has shown that normal penis stretchers can only ensure a certain level of tension, fixation and speed results.

The PeniMaster Pro, however, sets new standards with its new technology, because the amount of traction is virtually unlimited by the vacuum, the fixation remains unabated, imposing no limits in terms of speed results.

Due to the vacuum, the penis is so firmly fixed that slip out due to sweat, grease or oil is almost impossible.

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PeniMaster Pro instructions | PeniMaster Pro works

First, a little contact liquid ProMaster Comfort & Care is filled into the adaptive membrane. Thus, a maximum adhesion is produced and prevents the glans from slipping out.

The glans enclosed by a 0.3 mm thin latex membrane, which surrounds the glans when introduced into the acorn with a perfect fit.

The design of the glans chamber has been inspired by the shape of the glans, so slipping from it is even more difficult.

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A gentle vacuum ensures a safe drag of the glans into the glans chamber.

There are two different application systems (tube and pump ball) available to build an effective vacuum .

The right figure shows the application with the pumping system. The pump ball is pushed and then put on top of the glans chamber, where it is turned around.

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Then the ball is released and the penis glans is drawn into the vacuum of the glans chamber. The pumping ball is then removed and the rotary valve optionally fastened.

With increased vacuum the pulling force on the membrane and thus the glans is amplified.

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To check the strength, a slight traction is exercised on the glans chamber pulling away from the body.

This innovative combination creates a practically insoluble and stable connection and makes slipping out of the penis almost impossible.

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The membrane allows to a generate even traction to all regions of the glans, without squeezing the glans, or causing swelling or deforming.

Even while adding or decreasing the vacuum, the membrane is able to maintain a stable connection with the glans. ensure a well-fitted application for any penis circumference.

These extension rings allow even very small penis circumferences a custom fit.

PeniMaster pro head attachment | Natural penis enlargement through form fit, adhesion and dosable under pressure
This completely new design is based on sophisticated physical mechanisms that can be easily explained with the 3-force vacuum technology:

1. Form Fit | Principle of a trailer hitch

The form fit is the most stable, most durable and insoluble physical holding force as traction can be transmitted almost without loss.

Similar to a bicycle chain, a ring gear, a screw and nut or a hook and a loop, the penis glans connects here to the membrane and glans chamber safely and securely, like pieces of a trailer hitch.

Membrane and chamber allow for an even distribution of forces on the entire surface of the glans. Even at maximum traction only minimal pressure is applied to the tissue.

2. Adhesion | Principle of adhesive cream

is a lubricant tailored to PeniMaster Pro, which produces maximal adhesion (Annex force) between adaptive membrane and glans, thus increasing further the fixing force.

This very rich, smooth (sufficient for up to 100 applications) contact liquid supports a stable, strong and permanent connection at the molecular level.

The underlying mechanism of action is also called adhesion / Annex force and works much like denture adhesive to keep dentures in the mouth.

A good example for adhesion is two damp overlapping glass plates. Both glass plates can be move against each other, but as soon as one tries to retrieve one from the other it becomes very difficult.

With penis stretchers without form fit liquids are used to reduce the friction of the penis to the opposite result, as the penis tends to slip out at a higher tension.

3. Dosable under pressure | Suction principle

The dosable vacuum allows a smooth and effective transmission of traction on the penis. For the vacuum to be stably maintained, the PeniMaster Pro uses the suction cup principle.

For a secure and rigid position of the glans a Adaptivmembran that virtually attaches itself like a second skin to the glans, wrapped around the penis glans.

— PeniMaster Pro ensuring smooth, comfortable and secure stretch

This membrane serves as a buffer to resist the necessary vacuum in the glans chamber can. At the same time it protects the tissue from oxygen deficiency.

The Combination of "form fit" and "adhesion" enable a reduction or increase of negative pressure without the risk of the glans slipping out of position!

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