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A world first among penis extending devices, thanks to its innovative glans fixture!

PeniMaster Pro Results:
Permanent penis elongation, more penis circumference, enlargement of the glans, straightening of curvatures, improvement of the erection, therapeutic fields of application


is a revolutionary further development of the classical PeniMaster.

The penis extender of the new generation was launched in late 2011 after an extensive three-year development and a long period of market research.

— 100% High quality | Made in Germany

The aim was to develop a penis stretcher, which is different from the current models in the way it is attached to the penis. As a result, we can now present the PeniMaster Pro rod expander for at home and the PeniMaster Pro belt expander for traveling or for use at night.

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Both systems include a complete review of the ergonomic design and introduce themselves with a completely new and far more effective technology for the traction of the penis.

Based on the following : form closure, (Annex force) and adjustable under pressure.

PeniMaster Pro before after
PeniMaster Pro results before and after pictures

These unprecedented, innovative 3-powers-vacuum-technology is so powerful that the developers have applied for a respective patent immediately.

The new vacuum Penimaster Pro basic system is installed only on the glans itself. Fixations on the penis shaft is in contrast to other penis stretchers avoided completely here so that bruises or deformities can be excluded.

For the first time, given regular use the PeniMaster Pro allows for immediate and permanent penis glans enlargement in proportion to your penis growth.

Until now, 90% of all penis stretchers only used a fixing a loop, which was not suitable for any glans size penis enlargement and often rendered glans enlargement impossible.

The PeniMaster Pro rightly claims first Place among penis stretchers, not only in terms of application security, but also comfort and speed of results.

— The easiest method to make your penis bigger

The advanced and unique attachment technique of the glans penis is a real breakthrough.

Thanks to which PeniMaster Pro allows everybody to increase the size of his penis glans effectively and permanently in a natural way!

Penimaster Pro review

Advantages of PeniMaster Pro extender compared to other penis extenders?

Most penis extender use a loop behind the glans for fastening the penis.

Many users have criticized the issues listed in the table below.

— PeniMaster Pro has wowed users

The following comparison shows why the PeniMaster Pro is the best purchase decision when it comes to quality, health and effectiveness compared to conventional penis extenders:

Andere Penisstrecker
  • penis glans does not get bigger
  • glans is not sufficiently fixed
  • penis slips out at higher traction
  • noose causes swelling / bruising
  • uncomfortable pressure marks after longer wearing
  • pain-free wearing time is very limited


With the PeniMaster Pro extender, doctors and engineers have taken to this very serious problem and developed a patented vacuum system, which in this form is absolutely unique and novel.

Revolutionized PeniMaster Pro uses the most innovative vacuum technology, which is unprecedented as a world first in the current penis enlargement market.
Penimaster Pro works

Instead of obsolete noose technique, with PeniMaster Pro and its new 3-forces-vacuum-technology you will gain thrice in penis enlargement, penis thickening and glans enlargement!

No other penis extender system is as sophisticated, extremely effectively coordinated and aligned for maximum results, as the PeniMaster Pro .

Read on the next page about how the PeniMaster Pro works and see why we believe that this penis extender is the best one on the market.