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medical penis extender safety Historically, stretching has played a major role in medicine as healing method. It has been known and well documented for centuries. Stretching is used to support the healing process after surgery, fractures or burn injuries.

The application of like or have been clinically proven.

In practice, proven broadly used worldwide in hospitals and medical stations to cure problems with pertaining to the penis.

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Due to the traction caused by the penis extenders, the penis tissue is gradually (over-) stretched in the process of which minor injuries are inflicted on the tissue, the so called cracks. This process sets off the natural healing process of the body and the affected penis regions start to regenerate themselves.

Penis extender risks and dangers: The risk of injury on the penis by use of unchecked and inferior penis extender devices can lead in extreme cases to irreparable damage to the penis and even permanent impotence.

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An example for clinical therapy in which the stretch principle finds wide application are women which after breast amputation regain tissue and muscles by the help of traction techniques. This process is necessary in order to prepare restoring surgery to the breasts.

Another example are men which have their penis enlarged through surgery. The pulling power principle is applied here to support the healing process as well as the strengthening and straightening of the penis.

Patients with strong burning wounds can also benefit from the stretch principle. By stretching the unharmed healthy skin cells, new skin grafts for transplantation can be grown.

By applying a medical penis extender device you can expect your sexual endurance to increase. The strengthening of your penis, due to increased tissue activities and increased circulation, will be improved tremendously.

The wearing of the proven penis extenders is 100% pain-free, as it can easily be adjusted to increasing size levels of the penis. Prerequisite for a painless application is the strict observance of the instructions provided by the manufacturer.