21 facts about PeniMaster Pro vs Phallosan forte. The direct comparison of both penis enlargement systems shows where are differences or similarities. Which penis extender device really lives up to your expectations.

Is your main focus on increase penis girth, penis extension or straightening? Do you want a large, big or a thick penis?

— The right male penis extender choice is not easy!

Best penis extender devices

Phallosan forte Extender Application Video
PeniMaster Pro Extender Application Video

Hospitals and clinics are using a vacuum penis extender device like and successfully for the follow-up treatment of prostate surgery. Shrinkage of the penis by formation of scarred tissue is effectively counteracted. As a precautionary measure, urologists recommend that these , and . Health insurance companies pay for the costs in certain cases. Both self-care therapies are officially recognized as:

Phallosan forte vs PeniMaster Pro

PeniMaster Pro vs Phallosan forte
Best penis extender device | Phallosan forte vs PeniMaster Pro

Which top rated penis extender to lengthen, thicken or straighten the penis is best for you? Here is the direct comparison test of both professional penis stretching systems. Differences in function and application can be seen here. See for yourself!

  Phallosan forte Review PeniMaster Pro Review
Mode of action Soft power method:
Combination of vacuum and stretch
Basic system united:
fitting, adhesion and adjustable under pressure
Site of action
  • Suspensory ligament
  • Corpus cavernosum
  • Glans penis
  • Suspensory ligament
  • Corpus cavernosum
  • Glans penis
Application variants
  • Hip-belt
  • Hip-belt
  • Shoulder-belt
  • Knee-belt
Treatment for
  • Increase penis length
  • Increase penis girth
  • Penis straightening
  • Increase penis length
  • Increase penis girth
  • Penis straightening
Peyronie's disease treatment Correct bend penis to:
  • right
  • left
  • up
  • down
Correct crooked penis to:
  • right
  • left
  • up
  • down
Instant penis enlargement that works
Medical penis extender
Health Insurance Reimbursement
Application in sleep
App support
Forum for users
Both top penis extenders provide foreskin and lymph protection for gentle application. This allows you a permanent penis enlargement, including proportional penis glans enlargement.

Penis extender price comparison

Penis Extender for sale | Bonus Offers and Discounts

You want to buy a penis extender and know if there are discounts? Where can you save a lot of money? What additional costs do you have to expect? A penis stretching device needs some care at intervals, so he always works properly. Gums are in the foreground here. Which accessories you need, discover now.

  Phallosan forte Price PeniMaster Pro Price
Particularities 100% customer support only for direct order from the manufacturer 15% changeover bonus for owner of a penis extender device (from other manufacturers)
Savings 4 free Phallosan forte sleeves worth over $100
Extra bonus for spare parts and accessories. Save 15% on the purchase price (up to $49).
  • $25
  • about $12
Payment Methods
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Prepayment / Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • Prepayment via transfer
  • PayPal and PayPal Express
  • Payment via immediate transfer
  • Payment via amazon payments
  • Cash on delivery (plus COD charges 0 €)
More information about

Here you save up to $55 on PeniMaster Pro order.

Penis extender reviews | Security and flexibility

Anyone with experience in will love PeniMaster Pro or Phallosan forte gains. Both penis extender systems guarantee maximum safety thanks to foreskin and lymphatic protection - head attachment. The individual size settings for body and penis size (circumference, length, glans size) ensure you an optimal fit (also for small penis).

Wide belt straps ensure a pleasant, soft feeling on the skin, even with extremely strong traction. Both designs give you maximum flexibility in the application, during the day and at night. Doctors speak of a sophisticated procedure in which usual mens penis extender devices can not match.

PeniMaster and Phallosan have been researched and tested over several generations. When Phallosan forte even in the 4th stage of development.

Latest accessories now bring even faster results

Which penis extender device is better?

What are the differences between the two developments? Which method gives you more profit? Which penis extender fits better into your life habits and gives you a good feeling, to have made the correct purchase decision? For and against, you will learn below.

Phallosan forte belt expander advantages

  • Traction scale with traffic light system, for traceable tension adjustment
  • Vacuum protector system with integrated vacuum pump makes the penis enlargement even more effective because the cavernous bodies are better stimulated
  • APP (iOS + Android) for the creation of training plans and success control
  • Here all in one overview

Phallosan forte belt expander disadvantages

  • No rod expander available
  • No weight expander available

PeniMaster Pro belt expander advantages

  • 3 different wearing options as hip belt, shoulder belt and knee belt
  • Penis fixation exclusively on the glans of the penis. Fewer contact points on the penis ensure more wearing comfort.
  • Also available with rod expander in a complete set
  • Here all in one overview

PeniMaster Pro belt expander disadvantages

  • No APP available
  • No forum

Amazing, innovative! | Belt and rod in a complete set

PeniMaster Pro before after
PeniMaster Pro results before and after pictures

With the you get the rod expander and the belt expander in one system. The device allows you to stretch the penis straight forward, up or down. The even pull can easily be adjusted over the bars. It allows you to exert even greater traction on the penis (hanging level).

The built-in spring balance gives you precise control over the stretch intensity and ensures safety during use. In contrast to the belt, the rod extender can also be used in the erected state. You want to know how well PeniMaster Pro really works? We tested belt and rod expander, day and night! Here we tell you in detail about our successes and about amazing before after results.

Videos for the application can be found here.

Unchecked or certified? | The differences are fatal!

Cheap penis extender for sale

Maybe you have already used a cheap penis extender kit? Were disappointed and are looking for a real alternative now?

Caution is advised! Many unresolved penis extenders and stretching devices are flooding the market. Limited functionality and design errors present themselves in abundance.

— Look for quality!

Users complain in forums about the following problems: It pinches at contact points, the penis slips off, the vacuum is insufficient or the rigid equipment can not carry on the way under the pants. A fixation on the glans by means of a loop no longer meets the medical standards. There is no contactless transmission of traction. Pain is inevitable at this point.

This is a health concern and can lead to serious damage (side effects). Manufacturers of inferior constructions contribute significantly to the prejudice that penis enlargement does not work! With Phallosan forte and PeniMaster Pro you enlarge your penis according to the tested standard.

Here original Phallosan forte for sale directly from manufacturer.

Why you should buy PeniMaster Pro or Phallosan forte?


Both new penis extender products ensure a discreet and comfortable carrying position when standing, sitting or sleeping. An insoluble penis fixation, even under high tensile strength, is 100% available. Both systems can be used effectively and easily for several hours. The tensile force is constant and unchanged.

Manual by hand are too exhausting for you? Usual methods do not bring you enough success?

Decide from the beginning for the right expander. Phallosan forte or PeniMaster Pro are the solution to your problem. No matter which route you choose. With these professional devices, you will permanently enlarge your penis.

Currently: PeniMaster Pro manufacturer offers 15% upgrade BONUS.

Experts Tip

100% original, medically tested and certified! You want to lengthen or straighten your penis? and meet all requirements for a successful treatment. With these penis stretchers you reach your destination safely and gently. Both sets are complete, do not require additional aids and are ready for use immediately.

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