Edging - Ballooning against premature ejaculation is one of the best male enhancement exercises to build stamina and improve ejaculation control. During Edging - Ballooning trigger areas are stimulated and right before ejaculation the stimulation is stopped or slowed down. Once the urge to ejaculate has subsided, stimulation is slowly increased again. The exercise helps the brain to gain complete control over ejaculation, and the "stop-and-go" builds up a mind blowing orgasm.

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Ballooning is actually a very old, intuitive PE technique, but it has only been receiving increased attention in the international arena since 2013. It is very likely that many men have already performed the exercise without knowing that they are currently using a PE technique. Basically, Ballooning is just a special technique of masturbation, which delays orgasm again and again and in the end even tries to avoid it completely. In the course of this continuous masturbation, one promotes the blood circulation of the penis and one's own body, arousal and orgasm control. The exercise is therefore also well suited as a warm-up or warm-up exercise in a workout program. It is also a good indicator for the current EQ and a good check-up for the general penis health. Closely related to Ballooning is "Edging", and the difference between these two techniques is explained in the additional information in this article.


Ballooning is very simple - but can still be very difficult. Basically, it's a constant struggle with the temptation to give in to orgasm and the effort to stay in control despite the arousal.

  1. Arouse your penis with the help of any kind of stimulus (e.g. head cinema, erotic literature, erotic films etc.). Be sure to use a lubricant (e.g. lotion, creams or lubricating oil, basically the same as you would use for jelqing) so that the penis is not too stressed by the constant irritation and friction and so that you can control the stimulation better. This is best done in a quiet, undisturbed environment where you can relax and can let yourself go.
  2. Bring yourself to orgasm slowly, step by step. It doesn't matter how you stimulate yourself, it is much more important that you get to know yourself, your penis and your arousal limit during execution. Shortly before reaching the PONR (from the point of no return), you abruptly stop the stimulation and let the arousal decrease for a few seconds. Then you start touching again until you are close to orgasm again - and again you do not allow it.
  3. You continue this constant approach and turning away, i.e. a kind of spiral dance around the orgasm, until the set Ballooning workout time is fulfilled. So make sure that you do not experience orgasm as far as possible during the exercise, but you have almost always achieved it.

Additional information

The following notes treat common questions regarding this exercise and provide further explanations of its fine-tuning and possible modifications.

Ballooning or Edging:

Closely related and even largely identical, but ultimately completely different, Ballooning and Edging can also be described as identical twins. Ultimately, they are completely alike - only the degree is completely different. This prevents orgasm when Ballooning at the end of the exercise, while giving in to it at the end of Edging. There is also a difference in the effect: While the blood flow to the penis is usually sustainably at a higher level after Ballooning, the blood flow after Edging (i.e. after an orgasm) usually disappears quickly and the penis sometimes even falls into during the following refractory phase easy turtling. You can also look at it differently: if Ballooning fails because you could not resist the orgasm or it was triggered by carelessness, you were simply doing Edging.

The legend of the "Magic Spot":

Every now and then, in connection with Ballooning, one reads a "Magic Spot" that is supposed to be found. The "Magic Spot" is a kind of perfect stimulation point that can be used to excite yourself. Basically, however, the search for it, as well as its already questionable existence, is unnecessary. Ballooning is all about getting closer to orgasm - and still not giving in to it. How to do this, i.e. how to stimulate yourself exactly does not have to follow any fixed rules - and does not necessarily include a single point on the penis.

The orgasm - an eternally tempting opponent:

Although Ballooning in itself seems simple and a thankful exercise, it requires great concentration and practice to do it safely and successfully. One should not consider the orgasm as an enemy, but simply as an opponent. And if you lose to him once, this is not the end of the world, but is part of the game. The only important thing is: If you want to balloon, but can not avert the orgasm, you should cancel any further PE exercises for this day (but at least for the following hours) as far as possible, so that the penis irritated and usually contracting does not unnecessarily continue to charge. Ballooning is therefore often suitable as a final exercise, because in case of doubt, no further exercises can get in the way if the orgasm is not prevented.

Increased porn consumption:

A warning word should be said about frequent porn consumption in connection with Ballooning. It is considered certain that excessive porn consumption can not only be addictive, but can also sustainably weaken libido. For this reason, special attention should be paid to avoiding exposure to pornography too often, too regularly or for too long. Rather, one should pay attention to Ballooning again and again only on the basis of erotic head cinemas, i.e. with pure imagination. This in turn can even promote libido or sensitize your own perception of external erotic stimuli.

Ballooning addiction:

Ballooning can be a lot of fun - but it also has an impact on the pleasure center in the brain that should not be underestimated. Theoretically, it may even be possible to become psychologically addicted to the execution, insofar as the brain is repeatedly confronted with near-orgasms that flood it with various releases of happiness hormones. You should therefore take care never to balloon for too long or not too regularly. 60 minutes can be an upper limit. However, it should be noted that such extensive stimulation on a regular basis can put considerable strain on the penile tissue - no matter how gentle the exercise itself (compared to other PE techniques). One should therefore not make the mistake and believe that Ballooning is not a real exercise and can therefore be used even on off days. Breaks from this exercise, for the regeneration and implementation of growth stimuli, are just as important as when using all other PE techniques.