Not only women have the propensity to multiple orgasms. Men can also experience several consecutive orgasms. Multiple orgasms for man: With the help of our special PC muscle exercises for male, like the , you can achieve orgasmic experiences on a totally new level.

How to keep an erection longer naturally?

These Kegel exercises for men will also improve your ability to maintain the erection for an indefinite period of time.

Orgasm without ejaculation

Prerequisite to understanding this multiple orgasms technique is to know the difference between and . Both are closely linked, but strictly speaking they are separate incidents following each other.

Indeed, unlike women, with men once the ejaculation has been achieved, not only the sense of lust but also the erection abates and a sense of exhaustion takes hold.

How to have multiple orgasms as a man? | Multiple male orgasms

multiple orgasms for man Depending on age and individual sexual excitability it can take just minutes but also hours, until man can have another erection and continue the intercourse. So, if you can prevent the ejaculation, the so-called refraction phase will not set in with all its undesired side-effects, such as reduction of , tiredness and exhaustion etc..

However, you will still be able to have an orgasm. But remember, this requires some training!

Home remedies for premature ejaculation | Male multiple orgasms step-by-step guide

In addition to the Kegel exercise, do not try to contract the muscle shortly and strongly, instead always try to do it slowly. The contraction phase should take about 5 seconds. Stop at the maximum contraction for approximately 10 seconds, then relax slowly.

Perform the exercise following this pattern for 5-10-5 seconds. It is always important to breathe steadily and relaxed and try to work only with the without using the stomach- and gluteal muscles. In addition to this prevent ejaculation technique, you can further your progress with the help of the Dr. Joel Kaplan penis pump.

Shove the semi erected penis into the cylinder and contract the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) and keep up the contraction! Now, start slowly. Your Penis will be dragged into the cylinder, while you counteract by contracting your pelvic muscle. Try to keep up the "tug of war" for a couple of seconds, then relax the PC muscle again. Release some air from the cylinder and repeat the whole process 10 times.

The pelvic muscle | PC muscle contractions exercises

After your PC muscle has gotten stronger, you can combine this "muscle play" with masturbation. Gradually raise the degree of arousal interrupted by short intervals of the PC muscle contraction to keep the excitement at bay. During the whole time try to keep your breathing deep and calm. Relax the PC muscle again. Now slowly approach the orgasms.

Dry orgasm | Orgasm no ejaculation

After several attempts you will come to the point of no return! When the orgasm is imminent, stop the stimulation immediately and tighten the PC muscle for at least 10 seconds according to the description in the first paragraphs on multiple orgasms for men. Keep your breath low and calm and try to "push away" the ejaculation, to get to a so-called dry orgasm!

Enjoy the exciting experience of the male dry orgasm!

You might not succeed in the first few attempts! Most men, despite large efforts, always leak a little bit of . However, you will realize that the time between maximum excitability will shorten again so you might be able to rebuild an erection rapidly or even preserve it to a large extent. Most men experience their first dry orgasms as somehow incomplete.

Do not let yourself be discouraged by this imperfection. After a few attempts you will be able to increase the experience towards a true "dry orgasm" which will be a revealing orgasmic experience!
Continued PC muscle exercise will reward you with bigger and stronger ejaculations!

The beautiful side effect is, that the ejaculation can be gathered in the , thereby increasing the volume. Some men do not ejaculate for a several months to minimize the energy loss and to save the full orgasm for a very special occasion.