Penis Pumping mainly targets and will enlarge or enhance: , , , , .

As with the previous , the use of a penis pump also results in gently stretching the penile suspensory ligament (PSL) and expanding the erectile tissues of the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue) for improved blood absorption.

Since 1917, medical penis pumps have been used in clinics as a therapy for erectile dysfunction in patients. With the help of a vacuum, a dosed negative pressure is created in a chamber into which the penis has previously been placed.

— Natural penis enlargement thanks to cell division and stretching of the ligament

old penis pump

The vacuum built up in the device causes the erectile tissue to dilate, fresh blood can flow in and an erection is created. A striped penis ring on the shaft of the penis prevents the blood from flowing back and thus maintains the erection.

Very soon it was realized that this medical erection aid also works for workouts for natural penis enlargement in men. However, here it is important to prepare for the penis pumping.

If this preparation does not take place, the negative pressure causes increased lymph fluid to accumulate in the tissue, which also thickens and enlarges the penis, but this effect disappears after a few hours.

How to pump up your penis properly.

Penis pumping preparation

Custom vacuum extender made for your penis size

Basically, we advise you to always perform pumping following the massage techniques for male enlargement.

Of course, it is also possible that negative pressure treatment with a penis pump individually. The enlargement achieved with such products is initially limited in time, but can be used specifically for this purpose due to the immediate effect. For example, men are best equipped before sex with the woman or in the summer on the beach. Important here, always prepare for the penis pumping with a !

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The electric pump extender is 100% safe, easy to use and allows you to build a strong, stable vacuum without causing side effects.

Problems with Penis Pumps

In addition to penis warming, successful pump action requires a sufficient seal between the cylinder and the body. A problem that should not be underestimated here is often too abundant pubic hair. Not only for aesthetic reasons, we recommend an intimate shave for good insulation and the use of lubricant to pump up the penis.

If you are afraid of a complete shave, it is also sufficient to shorten the hair, especially on the penis shaft. However, you should not miss the effect that your best piece already looks bigger by itself after a shave. Try it out!

Correctly apply penis pump - Use penis pumps

VitallusPLUS tutorial applied in 4 simple steps

Rub your penis for treatment with the help of lubricant. As already described above, we recommend that you buy the lubricant Play Warming from the company Durex, because of its warming and circulation-enhancing function. Basically, water-soluble lubricants are better suited than those containing oil and grease, as these can dissolve the rubber seals of the pump and make them brittle. In addition, cleaning of the cylinder is made more difficult.

Now slide your semi-erect penis into the cylinder and gently start removing the air out of the device. Many of our members report that they get the best results with only a semi-erect penis. Please make sure, especially in the beginning, to create only enough vacuum so that the cylinder holds on the penis and does not fall off.

If your penis is not yet properly accustomed to the pumping, the strong negative pressure can cause symptoms such as red spots or even blisters on the penis and glans. These usually disappear within two to three days, but are an expression of the fact that you are using the enlargement pump incorrectly during workout.
VitallusPLUS before and after pictures in schematic representation

Penis pump for the shower or bathtub

Bathmate Penispumpe

Maybe you have already had a bad experience with penis pumps? Are you looking for products that allow a more even distribution of pressure?

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The provides a balanced and proportionally consistent penis enlargement. Since Bathmate to create a vacuum does not use air like conventional penis pumps, but water. The use of water gives you good results and makes it easy and convenient to use in the bathtub or shower.

With Bathmate's system, uncomfortable swelling as with some conventional penis enlargement pumps is eliminated.

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Pumping Tutorial

The best penis pump results you will achieve with a moderate vacuum, because: Much does not help much here, but is rather harmful! Not the strength of the negative pressure, but the length of a penis pumping session is crucial for your success.

To pump up your penis, it is best to sit upright on the edge of a chair or bed so that the penis and testicles can hang down freely. This improves the blood circulation of your penis. Beginners please pump no longer than 10 minutes. Advanced users can step by step increase the workout to 15-20 minutes. After that, take a short break so that fresh blood can flow into the penis. To avoid health risks, the duration of the treatment should not exceed 30 minutes at the beginning.

In general, please pump only as long as you find it comfortable and the penis does not hurt or pull. You will get the best and lasting penis enlargement results by regular, well-dosed pumping.

Best pump device for invisible application under the pants.

If you are inexperienced, one session per day is enough. After each session, take a little break and lightly massage the penis.

Later, you can expand your workout program and do several pumping workouts of the same length in a row. Experienced pumpers do several sessions throughout the day. Uncircumcised men will very soon notice that the negative pressure built up in the device causes increased lymph fluid to collect in the foreskin, causing it to swell somewhat.

This natural, but aesthetically not very beautiful swelling can be avoided by various techniques. The best alternative is, of course, to undergo circumcision. This small surgical procedure has not only optical advantages, there are also many functional and hygienic advantages. Do not miss this sexual experience of a special kind!

You want to know how well penis enhancement pumps really work? Our test person has subjected the effect of these erection aids to a detailed product review for 12 months. You can find the online here.

For bigger results when pumping up your penis

Phallosan forte treatment works through cell growth

To avoid the swelling of the foreskin on the uncircumcised penis, many users help themselves with a bandage around the tip of the penis, use a sleeve condom, as is the case with the pump and stretch system. The right choice of vacuum cylinder also affects the results of penis enlargement.

Those who attach more importance to a long penis should choose a smaller cylinder, with which the penis stretches more in length. When pumping, it is normal if some skin of the scrotum is pulled into the cylinder.

You can remedy this by lubricating your penis only up to the base of the penis. However, during this action you should avoid contact with the scrotum. Due to the use of lubricant, but also sweat and body fluids, it is very important to clean the vacuum cylinder regularly with a little dishwashing liquid and water.

But your penis also needs cleansing and especially care after a penis pump workout. Keep the skin supple after application with a sensitive skin cream and care for your penis as needed with an oil-containing lotion.

Expert Tips

A high quality erection pump is a safe way to effectively increase your penis girth and thickness. Unfortunately, the use of such a system is only possible at home, as the rigid construction makes it impossible to wear it under your pants.

You are looking for a flexible method for more penis size, which at the same time still increases their erectile capacity? A penis enlargement method that can be easily and safely integrated into everyday life? Imagine how it would be if you could enlarge your penis while shopping, driving or while working? Do you like the idea? Then you will be thrilled with !

Phallosan forte is an orthopedic penile extender for penis thickening and lengthening. The penis extender can be used in many ways and is suitable for male users over the age of 18. It is simply worn inconspicuously under the pants, invisible to other people. The medical expander is so flexible that you can even put it on at night, safely and without stress, while you sleep. Another advantage over penis pumps is the comfortable fit, which guarantees you a longer wearing time.

The longer you wear Phallosan forte, the faster you will achieve more penis girth and more penis length! Imagine how much time you save compared to the treatment with penis pumps. Be smart, save your nerves and integrate penis enlargement into your daily life in a simple way.

Phallosan forte serves you as an ideal companion in all matters. Medically tested, without side effects and recommended by a doctor. It offers the greatest possible flexibility in use compared to a penis pump. Because you can't wear a vacuum pump out of the house, but this penis extender can. Learn more about all the benefits here and see why this new men's health device is one of the best.

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