The Basic Stretch is considered the backbone of all penis enlargement exercises for increased penis length. The goal is to pull hard enough to stretch the tissues in the penis, but not too hard to inflict pain. Start of with with a and increase the intensity gradually. Penis stretching in multiple angles targets different parts of the penis.

Alternative name:
Classic Stretch
Penis Stretching
Standard Stretch
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Practice family:
One-hand Stretches
Related exercises:
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JAI-Stretch (Advanced users)
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The classic penis stretching is one of the two basic exercises of the penis enlargement workout besides the and therefore of lasting interest for beginners as well as experienced users. The mainly promoted value is the , as the exercise mainly stresses the tunica and ligaments. Seen in this light, it is also the manual counterpart to common stretching devices or comparable types of workout, which aim at a vertical expansion of the flaccid penis by external traction. Although stretching is one of the basic exercises, its intensity should not be underestimated. The traction force of the arms is generally much higher than most strains exerted by penis extender devices. Manual penis stretching therefore tends to focus more on intensity peaks (rather than several hours of low traction), which should be handled with extreme care. At the same time, however, it is possible to vary the manual traction force in a very specific way and thus achieve an ideal load for yourself. However, this requires practice and experience, especially if you are still a beginner, you should always start with a rather low traction intensity and then gradually increase it, week after week, slowly.


The exercise requires a completely flaccid and in order to keep the medical risk of injury as low as possible and to let the traction forces act on the tunica as freely as possible. The penis stretching can be done either standing, sitting or lying down. The presence or absence of the foreskin has no influence on the effect of the exercise.

Additional Information

The following notes treat common questions regarding this exercise and provide further explanations of its fine-tuning and possible modifications.

Disruptive sexual arousal:

A creeping arousal is a completely normal reaction of the body during penis stretching - especially if the body has not yet gotten used to the penis workout. In this case, touching the penis is automatically evaluated as stimulation. Nevertheless, it is very important in such a case to wait until the blood has drained away and the penis is completely flaccid before continuing the exercise. Usually the body is desensitized in this respect with increasing workout experience, so that the stretching can be done without longer additional breaks. Some users also masturbate before stretching to make the penis less excitable. However, this has the disadvantage that subsequent exercises for the erectile tissue, which require a stable erection, can only be performed with difficulty. In addition, masturbation should never be performed directly before stretching the penis, because after orgasm the blood circulation is increased and the penis is often more sensitive. Grip aids, which are mentioned in the next point, can also reduce the excitability of the penis.

Grip aids:

Popular grip aids for penis stretching are Theraband, simple toilet paper or adhesive bandages, often supplemented by gloves (e.g. simple disposable latex gloves). The grip aids avoid direct contact with the skin and thus usually reduce sexual excitability - and increase grip. On the other hand, however, they also reduce the direct feeling during stretching, which can lead to a too tight grip. It is therefore urgently necessary to pay attention to your body feeling and adjust the grip accordingly.

Front OK-grip and Back OK-grip:

In principle, both grips can be used for penis stretching. However, it is often reported, especially during stretching exercises, that the Back OK-grip allows a secure hold and better pull control. In any case, it can be worthwhile, especially if you have problems keeping the grip fixed, to test both grip techniques extensively and to choose the one that is more suitable.

Intensity regulation:

In many cases, especially beginners are afraid of penis stretching with far too little intensity. This fear is unfounded in almost all cases. As already explained above, all mechanical penis extenders actually work with much less traction than the usual arm power provides. It is therefore not necessary (especially not for the start of penis growth workouts) to perform the stretch with maximum force. This rather leads to overstrain and bears a risk of injury that should not be underestimated, rather than promising advantages. Instead, you should start with a rather low traction force and increase it slowly over the first weeks of practice in order to find an ideal workout load for yourself.


Any pain or unpleasant pulling during or after workout are clear signs of excessive intensity. It is best to reduce the intensity immediately. The penis stretching does not need to feel uncomfortable at any time to be effective.

First tunica, then erectile tissue:

If in doubt, one should first do the penis stretching and then the Jelqing. This guarantees that the increased blood flow caused by the Jelq technique does not block the effect of the stretching. In addition, the subsequent Jelqing promotes the reduced blood circulation of the penis during the stretching. If possible, not too much time should therefore pass between stretching and Jelqing. Also in order not to shorten the regeneration phases between the penis workout sessions unnecessarily.

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