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This particular penis length exercise is a training to increase penis length naturally and help you obtaining a larger penis. The exercises for penis lengthening is very suitable for combining it with the penis lengthening exercises. All Day Wrap offers you the best way to intensify the stretching exercises for penis.

It keeps up a steady and constant extension of your penis. Of course you can also use the wrap penis enlargement technique independently without applying the stretching method.

The wrap shown in the application is being worn 24 hours. You can use the wrap easily at work. However, we would not recommend wearing it while doing sports.

All Day Wrap | Penis length exercise to increase penis length

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In the beginning, the carrying strap might feel a little alien, but don't worry, you will get used to it very quickly.

It will help you to gain more inches of penis, no matter if young penis, old penis, white penis, black penis or yellow penis. Optimal penis length does not know either age nor country nor color.

is universal to all men around the world. An American penis is as likely to gain from these penis size increase exercises as an Asian or African or a Latin-American penis.

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Build your own tools. All you need is: a cotton strip (made of clothes) size 51 cm x 2,3 cm (20 inches x 0.9 inches), some adhesive tape, a belt, two elastic bandages size 46 cm x 4 cm (18 inches x 1.57 inches) as can be found in the first aid kit of your car. If you do not have cotton strips at hand, you can also use an old T-shirt or something else to upholster the penis.

As a cheaper alternative to elastic bandage we can recommend to you a sort of butyl rubber mat (butyl caoutchouc), available in any store carrying pool insulating material. You need two mats sized 15 cm x 5 cm (5.9 inches x 1.97 inches), as the rubber mat is twice the strength of the elastic bandages. The belt needs to be attached above the knee cap (see picture).

Put an extra hole in the belt with a pair of scissors. The elastic tape will later be wrapped around the belt and will provide optimal support. Wear the device initially for just 20 minutes, because the blood flow is being restricted in the glans and your penis needs to accustomed to that first. Once you have completed the initial phase, you can use the Wrap easily for several hours at a time, even under your pants.

It is very important to check on a regular base, at least once every half hour. Should you experience any feelings of coldness, numbness or should the glans discolor to blue, take off the device immediately and let the penis relax for a while!

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Penis workout | Penis exercises to increase the length

Step 1:

First, take the cotton strip and wrap it below the glans around the entire penis shaft. Make sure that at least 5 cm (1.97 inches) of the penis are covered. Do not wrap too loosely but also not too tight.

If the tape is bundling to much, tighten the tape. Is the tape wrapped to tight, the blood flow through the acorn reduces, causing a feeling of coldness and possibly a blue colored glans.

If one of these symptoms arises, untie the tape immediately! Find the ideal pressure before you take the next step.

Step 2:

Fix the end of the elastic bandage with a piece of adhesive tape. Is one adhesive tape not enough, add another one.

Step 3:

Start binding the first elastic bandage, beginning from the top, around the penis. Then take the second one and place it directly below the penis shaft on the first tape and let the ends dangle straight down.

Now wrap the first tape around the penis again, while the second tape stays in place and also gets wrapped.

Step 4:

The first elastic tape is located (see picture) in the upper position. Hold it down with one hand so it does not slide off.

Fold the second tape, which is still dangling down, with the other hand by wrapping the tape once below the Penis shaft (make a double layer).

Make sure that the tape on the glans concludes with the other bands. Let the endings slope down again. This tape will later be used for attachment at the belt.

Step 5:

Now repeat to wrap the penis with the first elastic bandage until the tape runs out.

Step 6:

Now you need the adhesive tape to fix the taped ends of the first wrap. Make sure the tape is sticky enough. Be generous with the tape, the main thing is to make it stick.

Step 7:

Now wrap the long end of the second bandage tight around the belt.

Step 8:

Tighten the belt above the knee.

Step 9:

Make sure an optimal tension and a pleasant wearing comfort is given in an upright position for the long penis.

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