Sink Stretch mainly targets and will enlarge or enhance:

This free penis enlargement program is ideally be practiced in the morning on the sink of your bathroom. Like the name already suggests, for this penis enlargement exercise the penis its placed on the sink or the edge of the toilet seat. Form the OK-grip with your forefinger and thumb. Then grab your penis directly beneath the (with the back of the hand facing upwards).

Now make a fist with your other hand and put it on the sink or on the edge of your toilet seat. Then put the penis on top resuming the OK-grip.

Now slightly pull back your body. This will give you good traction on the penis without much effort. It is also an excellent penis stretching method.

You will notice,the further you can lean back the greater the stretch will be. Isn´t it amazing what giant dicks some porn stars a la stick into the camera? But even these professionals use some tricks from time to time to present their most valuable piece in the best possible light.

Bigger penis tricks | Here are some simple tips for penis enlargement

Pull penis bigger | Pull Effect

Surely every man has already at some point or another, consciously or unconsciously, used this "pull penis thick and long" method before. Enclose the penis simply with thumb and forefinger at the penis root stretch and pull it firmly in direction of the glans. At the same time pull the briefly down, so that your balls look bigger. The positive effect of this instantly increase penis size exercise is that the penis tissue fills up with blood a little bit and thereby making the penis appear bigger. However, the instant penis enlargement effect only lasts for a few minutes.

Trim hair increase penis

The of the man covers much of the visible part of the penis root. If you cut it only by half, you can already see the penis in its whole length. As you see, it is possible to reach an optical lengthening of at least 2 cm | 0.8" very easily. If you want your penis to appear even bigger, we suggest a complete shave!

Losing weight increase penis size

The thicker the lifesaver around your belly, the smaller and shorter the penis looks. The reason lies in the fact that body fat compresses the . As a result the penis is forced into the belly space. The best advice in such case is to shed some weight, so this unfortunate process can be reversed. Astonishing length gains can be achieved by this method. Ten kilo less weight roughly translate into approximately 1,5 cm | 0.6" extra penis length!

Male enhancement underwear

While in the past some ballet dancers used to stuff socks or something similar into their trousers to make their penis look bigger, today there are special shorts with an enforced middle seam. The advantage of this kind of underwear is that the penis is presented like in an extra pocket making a wonderful visual impression. Change your standard underpants, which just press the penis flat to the body, for a pair of those more advantageous ones!

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