Sit Down Stretch mainly targets and will enlarge or enhance:

One third of the male penis is hidden away at the inside of the body. The connects both erectile bodies with the . With this natural penis enlargement exercise a constant pull is being exerted and the holding band is stretched, so that a part of the "internal penis" is pulled to the outside.

This suspensory ligament stretching exercises can very well be carried out occasionally during breaks in your daily penis exercise routine or at the end of the penis workout program. As this sit down stretch exercise is hands free, you can use the time and simultaneously do something else.

Sit Down Stretches exercise step by step

For this natural penis enlargement exercise you stand in front of a chair and cause the penis to swell up to 30% - 40% of a maximum . Pull your penis as far as possible through your legs to the back. Now sit down on top of the penis. Position yourself in such a way that the penis is well stretched without experiencing any pain.

We recommend to practise the Sit Down Stretch enlargement exercise for no longer than 20 minutes at a time.
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