Behind-The-Leg-Stretch mainly targets and will enlarge or enhance:

This is one of the few penis enlargement technique that provides a real good hold and an intensive penis stretch. Behind-The-Leg-Stretch is an additional penis enlargement exercise which can be carried out in connection with the normal penis stretching exercises. For the penis lengthening exercise you put the right foot on a rise, e.g., on a stool. If you have a , pull it back with your left hand.

Now reach with the other hand from behind between your legs and pull the penis carefully towards the bottom of your back. Make sure that the penis is on the right side and the on the opposite side. Then put the right foot carefully on the ground keeping a firm grip on the penis.

Now stretch in the direction of the anus, not towards the ground!

For higher traction carefully pull in your belly or tighten your abs for 1 minute. Afterwards relax the grip carefully and shake the penis softly to stimulate the blood flow. Repeat the penis size increase exercise now with the left foot and the penis being on the left side.

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