The Rotation Stretch is a stretch performed for male penis growth in a circular motion. Pulling while rotating 360 degrees target makes this penis enlargement exercise stretch all tissue in the penis. Make sure to stretch with the same intensity in all angles.

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Rotating Stretch
Windmill Rotations
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One-hand Stretches
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Rotation stretch is a comparatively frequently used stretching variety that is often used in the first experiments with extended penis enlargement exercises directly after the entry-level program. The effect of the stretch differs from standard stretching in that not only is there a targeted pull in a limited number of directions, but the flowing gyroscopic movement significantly increases the range of directions. However, this also results in a special strain on the ligaments, which is why you should take great care when performing the rotation stretch to ensure that there is no uncomfortable pulling or even pain in the area of the penis base.


The exercise requires a completely flaccid and warmed up penis in order to keep the risk of injury as low as possible and to let the traction forces act on the tunica as freely as possible. The stretching can be done either standing, sitting or lying down. The presence or absence of the foreskin has no influence on the effect of the exercise.

Additional Information

The following notes treat common questions regarding this exercise and provide further explanations of its fine-tuning and possible modifications.


An alternative version of Rotation Stretch involves not making a circular movement, but moving the penis in a cross shape over and over again. For example, you start by stretching the shaft upwards and then move it downwards within 15-25 seconds, back to the middle, from there to the left and finally over to the right. This type of execution places increased emphasis on the vertical pull (90 degrees away from the body), which otherwise tends to fade into the background with the usual (circular) execution of Rotation Stretch.

Faster rotation:

As an alternative form of exercise, it is also possible to perform several circular rotations in the above mentioned 15-25 seconds in which a continuous pull acts on the penis. In this case, the circular movement of the penis would be accelerated so that it rotates faster and reaches the starting point two, three or four times within the 15-25 seconds instead of only once. It should be noted, however, that such a fast execution of the Rotation Stretch also increases the risk of overloading the ligaments at the root of the penis. So you should only consider this after you have already gained some experience with the exercise and know up to which intensity you can challenge the penis with this exercise without any unwanted side effects.

Support of EG gains:

It is assumed that Rotation Stretch has also promoted Base-EG in some users, in so far as it has put a lot of strain on the entire holding apparatus at the root of the penis, which has allowed it to thicken in the long term. Such increases, however, apparently do not occur with every user and refer only to the Base-EG, not to the entire penis girth.

Disruptive sexual arousal:

A creeping arousal is a completely normal reaction of the body during penis stretching - especially if the body has not yet gotten used to the PE workout. In this case, touching the penis is automatically evaluated as stimulation. Nevertheless, it is very important in such a case to wait until the blood has drained away and the penis is completely flaccid before continuing the exercise. Usually the body is desensitized in this respect with increasing workout experience, so that the stretching can be done without longer additional breaks. Some users also masturbate before stretching to make the penis less excitable. However, this has the disadvantage that subsequent exercises for the erectile tissue, which require a stable erection, can only be performed with difficulty. In addition, masturbation should never be performed directly before stretching the penis, because after orgasm the blood circulation is increased and the penis is often more sensitive. Grip aids, which are mentioned in the next point, can also reduce the excitability of the penis.

Grip aids:

Popular grip aids for penis stretching are Theraband, simple toilet paper or adhesive bandages, often supplemented by gloves (e.g. simple disposable latex gloves). The grip aids avoid direct contact with the skin and thus usually reduce sexual excitability - and increase grip. On the other hand, however, they also reduce the direct feeling during stretching, which can lead to a too tight grip. It is therefore urgently necessary to pay attention to your body feeling and adjust the grip accordingly.

Front OK-grip and Back OK-grip:

In principle, both grips can be used for penis stretching. However, it is often reported, especially during stretching exercises, that the Back OK-grip allows a secure hold and better pull control. In any case, it can be worthwhile, especially if you have problems keeping the grip fixed, to test both grip techniques extensively and to choose the one that is more suitable.

Intensity regulation:

In many cases, especially beginners are afraid of penis stretching with far too little intensity. This fear is unfounded in almost all cases. As already explained above, all mechanical penis extenders actually work with much less traction than the usual arm power provides. It is therefore not necessary (especially not for the start of PE workout) to perform the stretch with maximum force. This rather leads to overstrain and bears a risk of injury that should not be underestimated, rather than promising advantages. Instead, you should start with a rather low traction force and increase it slowly over the first weeks of training in order to find an ideal workout load for yourself.


Any pain or unpleasant pulling during or after workout are clear signs of excessive intensity. It is best to reduce the intensity immediately. The penis stretching does not need to feel uncomfortable at any time to be effective.

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